I’m Tony Heller and I Haven’t a Clue About Basic Science

If there’s anyone left who thinks that I have the requisite credentials to challenge the entire scientific community on global warming they should consider the fact that I don’t even possess an understanding of basic science. For example, I stated that when it gets cold enough in Antarctica, below the temperature CO2 becomes a solid, the CO2 gas will literally “freeze out of the air” like snow.


I made this bogus claim a few years back in 2009 on the climate denier blog Watt’s Up With That:  The editor of of the blog had to issue a retraction to make it clear I was full of shit.

To get an understanding of just how completely fucking stupid my statement was, consider water vapor. As you know, water vapor is the gaseous state of water in the air around us. Ask yourself, do you see water vapor “freezing out of the air” every time the temperature drops below the freezing point of 32F? Of course you don’t.

To get more of an idea of just how far out to lunch my claim is and what a stubborn asshole I am, read what some of my fellow climate deniers wrote in response to my blog post. Here’s Jari:

Unfortunately, this CO2 episode on this blog has really lowered the value of the whole blog. Steven Goddard made a wrong statement about the basic CO2 chemistry and physics. It would have been much better if he admitted his error straightaway, rather than trying to prove his (wrong) point with more and more bizarre posts.

Another denier, Symon, chimed in:

Steven Goddard, please apologise and remove this nonsense from this website about CO2 freezing out of the atmosphere at the Earth’s South Pole. Then please go and read, as a matter of some urgency, about the subject of vapour pressure. This is even more misguided than your previous nonsense about CMEs destroying electronics.

I also went around and around with fellow climate denier, Phil. He had some choice words for my crapola:

More embarrassingly bad non-science by Goddard in support of the unsupportable rubbish he posted in the original article. A blog that claims to be the ‘best science blog’ should post an update to point out that it’s complete nonsense.

In a later comment, Phil went on about the complete nonsense I posted in some comments I made trying to defend my original claim:

I give up with you, you continue to spout this total nonsense apparently not realising how absurd it makes you look. I suggest you follow the advice of someone earlier in this thread and read up on the subject in an introductory Physical Chemistry or Chem. Eng. text because you don’t know what you’re talking about and it’s not worth my time to educate you further. As I said before phase diagrams are for the pure substance.

In yet another comment, Phil added:

I have no problem with students who’re willing to learn in fact I get high evaluation scores and my class is always oversubscribed. However equating Goddard with a student who’s willing to learn is not accurate, he pontificates about science he doesn’t understand and when he’s called up on it lashes out with more errors as you can see above.

And remember, these aren’t people that disagree with my about global warming. These are people I fundamentally agree with!

OK, fine. So anybody can be wrong once in a while right? However when you discover that to this day—even after being proven to be completely full of shit by my peer of fellow deniers—I continue to make the stupefyingly silly claim that CO2 freezes in Antarctica, you begin to realize how much of a fucking nut I am. Rather than admit I’m wrong, I make up garbage about how the reason you don’t see CO2 accumulate on the ground in Antarctica is “because the number of molecules sublimating is equal to the number of molecules freezing.” My fellow deniers are correct: it’s total, completely fabricated nonsense. There’s not a drop of factual science in my explanation.

Folks, my point is that I couldn’t pass a high school physics test, never mind the capacity to debunk global warming. Just remember that before considering there might be something to anything I say.

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