Tony Heller: Even Anthony Watts Thinks I’m a Sack of Shit

Even Anthony Watts wants nothing to do with me.
Even Anthony Watts wants nothing to do with me.

One great thing about the global warming debate is that even if you don’t possess the technical chops to follow the complex details, you can still have fun following the fascinating personalities embroiled in it.

Enter Anthony Watts.

Watts, a retired TV meteorologist, is helping to lead the charge against the perceived notion of a cabal of scientists across the globe conspiring to spin tales of doom so that they may undermine our way of life. His lack of credentials and the rather low regard with which most climatologists have of him haven’t prevented Watts from having a rather outsized impact on the climate debate. His base of operations is a WordPress blog entitled, “Watts Up With That” (WUWT). As editor of this bare bones publication, Watts launches attention-grabbing attacks on prominent climatologists which have helped him build a thriving community of climate deniers. A darling of right wing news organizations, he has received substantial backing for his efforts from right wing groups for challenging the widely held view of climatologists that global warming poses a substantial threat to the stability of earth’s habitat.

Enter me, Tony Heller.

Watts gave me my entrée into the climate denier game as a guest blogger on WUWT in 2008. I posted anonymously using my pen name, “Steve Goddard,” writing prodigious amounts of bullshit over the next two years. But then it all ended. Watts gave me the boot. Why? Well, Watts figured out that I was an embarrassment to his blog and basically a sack of shit.

What Watts thinks of me is laid out nicely in a comment he wrote in June on the website:

“his inability to openly admit to and correct mistakes, is why I booted him from WUWT some years ago”

And there was this:

He’s hopelessly stubborn, worse than Mann at being able to admit mistakes IMHO.

And Watts refused to even associate himself with me at Heartland’s denier conferences:

Supposedly at Heartland ICCC9 he’s going to “out” himself and start using his real name. That should be interesting to watch, I won’t be anywhere near that moment of his.

So there you have it. Anthony Watts called me out publicly for the disreputable scumbag I am.

My rantings fill an ecological niche.
My rantings fill an ecological niche.

No matter, that hasn’t dissuaded me from pushing forward. In fact, like a garbage pail full of rotten meat, my blog and twitter feed have attracted swarms of followers who like to feed off my bullshit. Now ain’t that something?

21 thoughts on “Tony Heller: Even Anthony Watts Thinks I’m a Sack of Shit

  1. “My rantings fill an ecological niche… a garbage pail full of rotten meat, my blog and twitter feed have attracted swarms of followers who like to feed off my bullshit. Now ain’t that something?”

    Not surprising actually. There are many creatures that rely on “rotten meat” for sustenance. And only some are microorganisms that produce bad smells. Maggots simply get fat and turn into flies that spread germs, bite, and poop on our food if allowed to. Speaking of actual bullshit, how about dung beetles?—many of your followers seem to enjoy mindlessly rolling balls of your BS from site to site, all the while proclaiming how “tasty” it is and stacking it up for future—–(whatever it is that dung beetles do with balls of dung—Watts probably knows).

    Liked by 1 person

      • Have a party. Although the maggots and dung beetles may be too busy to pay attention, some others may find it food for thought.


      • As usual, stefanthedumbest has got it all backwards. HE is the dung beetle. I guess it’s pretty hard to see truth when you’re behind the huge ball of denier dung that stefanthedungballroller is always moving from one blog to another.

        Actually, I’ve missed stefanTD. No one,and I mean NO ONE, can fracture physics the way stefanTD does—-it’s quite entertaining, particularly his “interptetation” of the gas laws. His science is so bad that I have accused him of being a joker and his site satire, but he assures me that he is for real.


      • Dumoldguy,

        what’s wrong with the truth about ”gas laws”?
        On greenman’s blog, a person accused me and asked for me to be banned. We were talking about methane, not about chocolate!

        You should send him an enlarged photo of your vent, from where your methane comes out – so he can study it!
        Come to think of it – every Warmist and most Skeptics should stuck that photo on their mirror – to look at themselves every morning!


      • dumboldguy, greetings!

        to inform you that, from now, no more beer! All those bubbles in beer are 100% CO2.

        no more burning marijuana!!! produces CO2 – because of that CO2, you can produce global warming / sea rising inside your lungs – and in 30y from now, will produce cancer in your lungs; give up on the habit! you my be able to start using your own brains for a change, instead of parroting constantly the crap what comes from IPCC.


      • Stefan,
        Anyone who looks at our “conversations” will have no difficulty determining which one of us has “fried” our brain with alcohol and MJ. In fact, your brain is giving off so much heat that you could rent yourself out as a mobile “deicer”—-just letting you walk down a street or under an airplane would melt every speck of ice within 50 feet.


      • dumboldguy
        I don’t touch alcohol now. but two years after divorce, one carton of beer was for two days – then i started getting beer belly, too many kilos and I stopped completely.

        Before that, I was enjoying the CO2 bubbles in the beer, yummy! I used to call myself a ”carbon sink\\


      • stephanthedenier doesn’t know that beer bubbles and ganja smoke are actually climate neutral as they’re not pumped out of deep ground where carbon usually is safely bound and should stay there. Yeast and weed use carbon that’s already in the system. You could call weed renewable energy.


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