Canadian Scientists Now Under the Influence of Obama

Dr. Richard Dewey, Obama tool.
Dr. Richard Dewey, Obama tool.
It’s with great alarm that I must report that Canadian scientists now appear to be firmly under the control of our supreme dictator, Barack Obama. Undeniable evidence of this came by way of the warmist propaganda organ, Climate Denial Crock of the Week, which recently posted this news story from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation featuring a Dr. Richard Dewey, a scientist who helps run Ocean Networks Canada, an organization dedicated to faking data and generating alarmist disinformation for profit.

The report from the CBC covers ONC’s observations of extremely warm temperatures in the Northern Pacific ocean. Clearly, the report is a fake. Leni Riefenstahl couldn’t have done a better job. The news report features Dewey and an unnamed American scientist trying to look smart in their ersatz offices and strategically placed in front of maps and shown looking at computer screens to try to cover the fact they are nothing but hired guns.

But the dead giveaway of Obama’s socialist influence slaps you in the face when Dewey mentions how species from warmer waters are invading the North Pacific:

“Our local species are now having to work harder, they’re competing for the food that they’re after.”

As if it were a bad thing to “work hard” and “compete” to earn a living!

Friends, do not let yourself be duped by these scientists engorging themselves on tax payer money to support their limousine lifestyles through their fealty to Obama and his quest to fool us into joining his plot for a socialist revolution. We must continue the resistance!

Update: For more info about my conspiracy theories regarding Barack Obama, please visit this page.

9 thoughts on “Canadian Scientists Now Under the Influence of Obama

  1. Well said, Steve aka Tony!

    “As if it were a bad thing to “work hard” and “compete” to earn a living!” It takes real genius to conflate social Darwinism with what’s going on in the biosphere.

    Hang on. The world will be rid of Obama in two years, and the Kochs and TransCanada are already picking his successor..

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    • Oh, it’s Bob, the man who never learned energy conservation. Maybe he’ll bring a sock puppet?

      As I said, please don’t let this blog die. You even caught a dumb Bob.

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