Barack Obama is a Fraudulent, Narcissistic, Abusive, Manipulative, Psychotic, Sociopathic, Race-baiting, Communist, Dictator-Terrorist-Whack Job-Wanker-Nazi

EvilObama_answer_1_xlargeIn my zealous denial that man-made global warming is happening, I’ll admit that sometimes I can come across as a bit unhinged. Well, it’s the same thing with my political beliefs.

At first blush, I might seem to have an extremely unhealthy fixation with President Barack Obama. I’ve mentioned “@BarackObama” in my tweets close to 1,000 times. 952 times, to be precise, as of the time of this writing. I mentioned “@BarackObama nearly twice as much as my next most mentioned Twitter handle, “@ClimateDepot,” who I mentioned 531 times. And those are just the number of mentions. The word “obama” appears in my tweets a whopping 2,290 times, which includes hyperlinks about Obama. In addition, I’ve mentioned “@WhiteHouse” 113 separate times in my tweets. If I were to guess, probably somewhere around 10% of my tweets is related in some way to Obama. You can witness my Obama obsession on Twitter here.

But there’s actually a good reason for my crazed behavior.

It’s a simple fact that Obama is pulling the strings of science researchers, controlling the media and lying about climate change to help him fulfill his quest to seize control of the United States as its dictator:

Fortunately, crusaders like me are fighting the good fight and calling Obama nasty names and ascribing personality disorders to him in order to defend your freedom by bringing attention to his nefarious ways. If it makes me look a little delusional, well, then so be it. I guess it’s a price I’m willing to pay to save America from Obama’s evil, socialist plot to enslave us all. But my fight is far from over! After the mid-term election loss, Obama is now trying to take control over the Internet to censor freedom fighters like me:

So I think now you can see why I have to be so relentless against this ruthless, despicable animal inhabiting our White House. But I can’t do it alone! I need you to help spread the word. We need to fight this man together! Please feel free to retweet any of my tweets below to help show the world what a sociopath Obama is:

Thank you!

12 thoughts on “Barack Obama is a Fraudulent, Narcissistic, Abusive, Manipulative, Psychotic, Sociopathic, Race-baiting, Communist, Dictator-Terrorist-Whack Job-Wanker-Nazi

  1. It is amazing to see the lengths the liberal-progressive-socialist-fascist-nazi-communists have gone to in attempting to portray Obama in a positive light and even as a successful president. I used to visit a site populated by “Patriots and Real Americans and Fighters for Freedom and Don’t Tread on Me’s” on which a nefarious plot by the lefties was exposed.

    Some closet commie fascist posing as a “ree-yul ‘Murican” posted that Barrack H. Obama was not a Muslim born in Kenya but really one Barry H. O’Bama, a Catholic born in South Boston. That he was one of the “Black Irish” that people always talk about, and was descended from a a survivor of a boatload of Kenyan sailors who were shipwrecked on the coast of Ireland in 1538.

    This commie fascist would never cite any proof of all that and just kept telling people to “google it”, and many did and wasted their time. He was finally banned from the site (he also kept telling everyone that they had their heads up their asses on global warming too). A real loser.

    You are to be commended for your efforts to get the ree-yul truth about Obama out there!

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    • dumboldguy
      Obama is a Sunni Muslim; with his phony ”global” warming – which he WRONGLY refers as ”climate change” – he is doing more damage to US and democratic west; than Bin Laden would have ever dreamed off! Cheers!!!


  2. I love the photo! brilliant!
    bobba just repudiated his avowed rationale – his blogspawnspawnblog is now censored.
    corruption takes many forms.
    but it starts on the inside with the sacrifice of one’s values.
    the comment which seems to have tipped him over was about his argumentum ad populum.
    oh, i wish i knew somebody with connections to a theater group – i’ve got this musical called Troll Wars that’s just so topical!


  3. As Kate Bush put it, wow, wow, wow, wow, unbelievable.

    And I mean it as literally unbelievable, especially as the headline is self contradictory. After that, well… Can you provide any evidence?


  4. So well done. I’m hoping Art Robinson and other not-really-climate-scientists will step-up like Aka Steve and index their own tweets by obsession…er, subject.


  5. Actually, it was the resident rioters that had the meltdown in Fergusen. See what an idiot you are there Mr exposed? Wrong as usual, and wasting your time


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