Climate Scientists Slip Up, Forget to Fudge Antarctic Sea Ice Data

The crooks never sleep and neither does Clouseau.
The climate crooks never sleep and neither does Clouseau.

My name is Tony Heller (aka Steven Goddard) and I’m a professional climate denier. Being a climate denier is tough work. Thousands of climate scientists—or criminals as I like to call them — across the globe are deceiving the public with bogus data all the time and it’s very difficult to keep up. Readers of my blog know that I’ve uncovered a vast cabal of inept, corrupt scientists and journalists lying about temperature records, migration patterns, glacial ice melt rates, geologic evidence, snow cover records, arctic sea ice data, sea level rise rates, growing season patterns, planetary science, severe weather patterns, ocean acidification data, ocean heat content records and even pollen counts. As I’ve said before, anthropogenic climate change is the greatest fraud in history. I’ll be honest, it’s tough for little old me to keep up with all the deception (so please donate).

However, they’ve finally slipped up…big time. They totally forgot to fudge the Antarctic sea ice record! I’m using their very own data and there’s absolutely question it proves Antarctic sea ice is growing. Take a look:
Scientists blind to their own data.
Scientists blind to their own data.
How did these fools forget to fudge such an obvious sign of global cooling? And now I’ve got these criminals right where I want them. Let’s see how they extricate themselves from this one!

11 thoughts on “Climate Scientists Slip Up, Forget to Fudge Antarctic Sea Ice Data

  1. Ha-Ha, Tony aka Steve! You’ve got them this time!

    The perpetrators of the AGW hoax have been trying to distract us from the truth by saying that the increase in sea ice is somehow related to the stratification of the ocean around Antarctica, with cold fresh melt water overlaying warmer and denser salt water, AND—-get this!—-that the warmer and denser salt water is melting the ice shelves from below, AND (LOL), that the ice shelves are no longer holding back some glaciers as they used to (Guffaw), AND the glaciers are therefore flowing to the sea more rapidly and melting!!!! AND, God help us, that it’s looking like it’s irreversible and will lead to significant sea level rise much sooner than anticipated!!! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

    CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT HORSESHIT??? Do the AGW conspirators think we’re STUPID?! Everyone knows that more sea ice around Antarctica can mean only one thing—-that it’s getting colder there—-just as it is in Buffalo and Boston and Atlanta—look at all the snow they got!!


      • Nah, if they falsified the data, we’d just catch them at it again and embarrass them, the way we caught Michael Mann and told the truth about what he was up to with his “fudging”. So they instead just keep digging up more “peer-reviewed science” horseshit, piling it higher and deeper, and screaming about how “97+% of all climate scientists agree that AGW is occurring and is a problem” . Why they’re even saying now that 99+% of all climate scientists are in agreement.

        This is the best and most complete conspiracy that anyone has ever managed to put together—-EVERYONE is in on it!—scientists, Popes, liberals, progressives, Al Gore, and Bill Nye the Science Guy.

        It’s a good thing that the Republican Party knows the truth and is willing to stand up to the hoaxers, and that true patriots and real Americans like the Koch Brothers are willing to spend their hard-earned $$$$ to spread the truth. .


      • Stop talking about dead poets and get back on topic, FCS! Next you’ll be telling that all the ravens and other birds are not dying because their habitat is being destroyed by global warming when we all know that bird populations fluctuate naturally.

        How about telling us where to “Donate today!” so that brave folks like you can continue the fight.

        The Heartland Institute is worth supporting also. They do the same kind of work you do and will settle for as little as $5—-they are smart to NOT take $4.99 donations, because if they got 1 million Patriots and Real Americans to donate at that level, it would only be $4,990,000—why work that hard dealing with all the pikers and opening all those envelopes when you can get that much in just one check from the Kochs?.


      • Why would you want to do that? We can just cherry-pick the data from the already existing weather stations and satellites and make up shit about what it means. If we repeat it enough times, it becomes truth, doesn’t it?

        After all, isn’t that what produced the 97% “consensus” among climate scientists? Haven’t they conspired to look only for data that supports AGW?

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