Exposing Tony Heller, Exposed

Deniers constantly ask me who I am in real life. Why? Because they can’t debate the actual science, they can only try to undermine the reputation of others. I imagine it’s frustrating for them if they don’t know who I am because then it becomes impossible for them to attack me. So the only thing they have left to attack is my anonymity.

So this is a response to those who insist on knowing who I am. If you don’t believe my answers below, then you’re just another conspiratorial whack job. Seek help.

Are you Greg Laden?


Are you Michael Mann?


Are you some kind of sock puppet for Michael Mann?


Which warmist blog are you associated with?


Did you ever write for a warmist blog?


Are you a climatologist?


A journalist?


Do you know any climatologists?


Are you coordinating with any climatologists?


What think tank are you with?


Are you paid by anyone?


Come on, who are you working with?

No one.

So who the fuck are you then?

Just a layperson fascinated by the climate change debate and human behavior. I have absolutely no connection to the climate debate except being a concerned citizen. You wouldn’t know me if I told you.

Why do you swear and insult people so much?

I’m in character, dip shit. Plus it spices the blog up a bit.

Why do you do this?

I don’t like assholes and I believe assholes have to be called out, otherwise asshole behavior spreads like a cancer. 97% of active deniers are assholes. I also care very deeply about future generations. This is my small way of contributing to the biggest crisis of our time and my hands-on way of learning more about this crucial debate.

Why don’t you tell us who you are?

See above. I also prefer a life without harassment by nut jobs.

I’d also point out that Steven Goddard wrote anonymously for Watt’s Up With That and for his own blog for six years before revealing who he was. Deniers didn’t seem to have a problem swallowing every bit of bullshit he wrote when he was anonymous. It’s only a problem when a “warmist” is anonymous. It just goes to show how hypocritical and desperate deniers are.

You come across as awfully rude. Do you think that really works?

I’m in character, dip shit. Laugh and have some fun. And I’m making a point about how many deniers behave. I also illustrate another double standard in that deniers get a free pass from other deniers when they’re assholes.

Is that all you’re going to tell us?


I’m looking at your questions above, you didn’t ask if you were __________. Are you?

Go away, nut job.

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