Judith Curry: My Kind of Woman

Offended? Go fuck yourself.
Offended? Go fuck yourself.

Update #1, September 4, 2015: If you are coming from David Appell’s website and, like him, don’t understand the concept of parody, read the last paragraph on this blog post.

My name is Tony Heller (aka Steven Goddard). I’m a professional climate change denier and I use this blog to blow the whistle on myself and sometimes others, too.

Some know me as the Donald Trump of the climate denier world. That’s because I say a lot of stupid shit and insult people to get attention. Every once in while it works and actual climate scientists like Judith Curry write about me. I also like using salty language too because, hey, why the fuck not? If you’re offended, you’re just some politically correct pansy.

What is with all this PC bullshit anyway? As conservative pundit Mark Steyn reminds us, there once was a time when men were men and you could poke fun at gays and insult just about anybody without getting any guff. And that’s the problem with the climate debate, it’s become limp-wristed. And just like Judith Curry says:

“We need to open up the public debate about climate change, and get rid of the tyranny of political ‘correctness’ in the climate debate that is being enforced by a handful of self-appointed and readily-offended fools.

You tell ’em Judy! If I want to destroy the reputation of a scientist by attacking his professional integrity, I should have free reign. The only rights that should matter are mine. And if I want to call Judith Curry “Aunt Judy,” I know she can take it ‘cuz she’s my kind of woman.

7 thoughts on “Judith Curry: My Kind of Woman

  1. All I can say is: ‘kin RIGHT, Tony!

    And that the anti-free speech profanity filters at all the so-called science journals are why you haven’t bothered to even try to publish scholarly articles which rebut the so-called science of the “scientists” involved in the so-called catastrophic so-called anthropogenic so-called global so-called warming conspiracy. Those mother ****ers will use any so-called excuse to suppress the truth.


  2. Great blog, Tony.

    Interesting that St. Judith of the immaculate conscience is attacking political correctness. It has always struck me that her objection to the use of the word “deny” or its cognates on the grounds that this is a slur on the victims of the Holocaust is one of the most absurd examples of political correctness there is.


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