Climate Deniers Like Me Are Assholes

asshole_o_254592Some people still have trouble wrapping their heads around what makes climate-change deniers like me tick. I’ll cut right to the chase:

We are all familiar with assholes. Driven by their own fears and insecurity, assholes posture themselves to look superior to others. By tearing others down, assholes attempt to build themselves up. Once you understand that we are nothing but assholes, our behavior is explainable.

Now assholes have been around since the beginning of time and they can actually do us some good. For example, sometimes assholes benefit us by attacking and exposing other assholes. And fights between assholes can be fun to watch.

Even emotionally-developed adults are sometimes forced to act like an asshole to defend against other assholes who are too broken to handle any other way. Sometimes reasonable people screw up and act like an asshole to people who don’t deserve it. And some people feel like they have to act like an asshole to get stuff done for the greater good. They’re usually wrong and we much prefer and admire people who aren’t assholes and who still accomplish quite a lot precisely because they aren’t an asshole.

But as people like Donald Trump and climate-change deniers like me demonstrate, a new super strain of asshole is in ascendancy. Today’s media environment provides a stage for us to mainline our juvenile stupidity and venom directly to our audience and bypass existing societal defenses that used to thwart us. It’s now possible for assholes like me to take big, fat, public shits on others and their work with our own bullshit to sate our badly dysfunctional egos. Not only that, we are rewarded for our anti-social behavior with lots of attention and adulation from other idiots and assholes. They, in turn, mimic our behavior. As a result, our culture thrives and spreads like a cancer.

The best pathological assholes do a good job of presenting themselves as normal people to other assholes. We can be polite, gracious and even self-effacing to the other assholes that agree with us but we behave like assholes toward just about everybody else if we can get away with it. That’s how we build community and solidarity with each other. The biggest assholes love other assholes like us who take their side of an argument even if our ideas have no basis in reality. Because it’s not our logical thought they embrace; they like us because we are assholes, just like them.

So there you go. You can now stop pretending we are logical, rational people and can be reasoned with like normal people. The best offense against us is to call us what we are: straight-up assholes. I hope this profound insight helps clear shit up for you.


7 thoughts on “Climate Deniers Like Me Are Assholes

  1. Hey Steve….. It’s hard to contact you but I have an important question. Whereas I find it increasingly difficult to believe that man caused CO2 is increasing earth’s average climate temperature I need to find some evidence that the average ocean temperature is increasing very little if at all……

    There is very little if any evidence to support this and all the evidence to the contrary is coming from sources I find hard to trust….


    • girl, you and your prlebatins are just awesome! :) i LOVE planners. love them. these CW ones are amazing! going to check out her site now. thanks for showing us inside!


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  3. Hello Tony. I’d lie to tell you a story about my assholes and stalkers.

    I’ve been on Reditt for 10 years, under several usernames. There are a cabal of site users who got on my case by my second day on the site and have not given it a rest since. I don’t buy in to AGW purely on scientific grounds. I know my stuff and I’m not shy about presenting it. That drove a cabal of Climate Nazis to pursue me and harass me on every sub regardless of the topic. Whatever I have said has HAD to be countered and denied regardless of my supplying references. If anything, That cabal are anti-science since they are the ones who either reject published studies outright or claim that those studies say something entirely different. So, the cabal has argued such things as the gram not being a unit of weight, Einstein being wrong, and Earth radiating x-rays. Apparently, supplying references makes me a windbag in their bleary minds.

    As I said, I’ve been here for 10 years. I enjoy sharing ideas and observations and over 10 years I’ve shared a lot. The cabal has maintained a dossier of my activity which is posted up whenever one of them is getting creamed.. If you look up the symptoms of paranoid personality disorder you’ll note that LASTD has *all* of the symptoms. Take a look at [this thread]( where I refused to interact with him, driving one of them so nuts that he sent me 16 replies.

    If it were just the cabal members sending me messages I could easily ignore him by blocking replies. But that only infuriates them so they don’t stop there. The cabal PMs users, mods and admins with stories and lies. Other Climate Nazis are quick to believe his every word and so there’s a sizable community of people believing all sorts of crazy shit. I’ve even had an admin laughing over that cabal torturing me. One of them set up a sub devoted to trashing me under my former account name, u/HappyFluffyBunnies. The sub r/HappyFluffyBunnies could not be ignored even by rat-sack admins so they took it down. So it was replaced with r/ShitDeniersSay – another sub devoted to trashing me.

    I’m simply a guy trying to enjoy a social media platform and share my experiences while enjoying others sharing theirs. Climate Nazis are twisted, hateful, delusional paranoids.


    • Many of Al Gore’s GORONS heavily invested in faltering alternative renewable energy concepts as well a e-vehicles both financially and emotionally. Consequently they will do whatever it takes to prevent the truth from undermining their misguided efforts….

      If they were tech/science savvy they would not have invested life savings in failing alt-renewable energy concepts in the first place.

      SMRs – small modular reactors and gen 4 fission nuclear is the best path forward for a robust electrical grid system…..

      All aircraft and most vehicles will remain ICE internal combustion engine liquid hydrocarbon fuel burners because the energy density of liquids, i.e., gasoline and diesel fuel is unmatched….Lithium battery tech will remain the achilles heel for E-vehicles for the next 60+ years.

      On Mon, Feb 10, 2020 at 05:32 Tony Heller (aka Steven Goddard), Exposed wrote:

      > Oortcloud commented: “Hello Tony. I’d lie to tell you a story about my > assholes and stalkers. I’ve been on Reditt for 10 years, under several > usernames. There are a cabal of site users who got on my case by my second > day on the site and have not given it a rest since. I don” >


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