A pause or not a pause, that is the question.

Nothing more annoying than when warming alarmists go all math on you. Global warming is bullocks! How do I know? The simple fact is it’s 65F/18C in my apartment right now and I’m forced to wear a sweater!

Open Mind

One day, a new data set is released. The rumor runs rampant that it’s annual average global temperature since 1980.


Climate scientist “A” states that there is clearly a warming trend (shown by the red line), at an average rate of about 0.0139 deg.C/yr. She even computes the uncertainty in that trend estimate (using fancy statistics), and uses that to compute what’s called a “95% confidence interval” for the trend — the range in which we expect the true warming rate is 95% likely to be; it can be thought of as the “plausible range” for the warming rate. Since 95% confidence is the de facto standard in statistics (not universal, but by far the most common), nobody can fault her for that choice. The confidence interval is from 0.0098 to 0.0159 deg.C/yr. She also adds that there’s no sign of any slowdown in the rate of warming.

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Steven Goddard’s (aka Tony Heller’s) Venusian Delusions

Heller proves it doesn't take an astrophysicist to figure out why Venus is hot.
Heller proves it doesn’t take an astrophysicist to figure out why Venus is hot.
For those who aren’t regular readers of this award-winning* blog dedicated to documenting my batshit crazy climate denialism, let’s get you caught up on my track record of failures covered by this outstanding publication to date:

  • I insinuated that scientists at NSIDC faked data. Despite others who made it clear to me that I was wrong, I insisted I was right. Finally, I ended up having to retract my accusation. FAIL!
  • I created a completely bogus graphic on my “Real Science” blog. After it was pointed out to me that my graphic was clearly wrong, I insisted I was right and spewed all kinds of childish invective against the commentor that identified the error. When I finally came to my senses and realized how amateurish my mistake was, I didn’t even offer an apology. FAIL!
  • I made the preposterous claim that CO2 literally freezes out of the air in Antarctica. Despite all my denier buddies pointing out how stupid this was, I still insist I’m right to this day. FAIL!
  • I have such a long history of getting basic science wrong and being a stubborn dick when presented with information that refutes my nutty claims, famous
    client denier Anthony Watts had to kick me off his blog. FAIL!

OK, I think you see the pattern here. So let us now build upon my stunning achievements in scientific buffoonery:

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Tony Heller (aka Steve Goddard) Lays Down Climate Denying Truth to Urban Youth in Groundbreaking Rap Video

I cut this video together, called “Big Oil Paycheck,” to encapsulate my riveting talk before the Heartland Institute’s 9th Annual International Conference on Climate Change this past July. As a climate denying communicator, I think it’s so very important to try to relate to the youth using the language and culture they understand so they can receive the message about how Barack Obama and his minion of scientists seek to fool us into joining their plot fora global socialist revolution.

Anyway, I’ll cut this short. I have a lot more to do. Hope you kids like it and will be “gettin’ jiggy wit it.”

By the way, you can watch my entire presentation here.

Tony Heller: More Direct Evidence of the Kind of Clueless, Unhinged Asshole That I Am

As demonstrated on this blog already, my track record is very shoddy. I’ve been laughed out of the room by my peers for claiming that it gets cold enough in Antarctica to cause CO2 to freeze out of the air and “snow.” I also made a complete ass of myself in front of those same peers trying to debate a government scientist and ended up having to eat crow. Finally, I was driven off the “Watts Up With That” blog because my posts were so far out to lunch.

But if you remain unconvinced about how much of a clueless, unhinged asshole I am, read on.
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Government Scientist to Tony Heller: You’re a Fucking Bonehead

As a rabidly partisan, anti-government nut job, I love to accuse the government and everyone who works for the government of lying and conspiring to take away our freedoms. Exhibits A and B:

I have to admit though, there are occasions when I can get a little over zealous. I’d like to share one of those times as a cautionary tale for other professional deniers out there.

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I’m Tony Heller and I Haven’t a Clue About Basic Science

If there’s anyone left who thinks that I have the requisite credentials to challenge the entire scientific community on global warming they should consider the fact that I don’t even possess an understanding of basic science. For example, I stated that when it gets cold enough in Antarctica, below the temperature CO2 becomes a solid, the CO2 gas will literally “freeze out of the air” like snow.


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