Tony Heller: More Direct Evidence of the Kind of Clueless, Unhinged Asshole That I Am

As demonstrated on this blog already, my track record is very shoddy. I’ve been laughed out of the room by my peers for claiming that it gets cold enough in Antarctica to cause CO2 to freeze out of the air and “snow.” I also made a complete ass of myself in front of those same peers trying to debate a government scientist and ended up having to eat crow. Finally, I was driven off the “Watts Up With That” blog because my posts were so far out to lunch.

But if you remain unconvinced about how much of a clueless, unhinged asshole I am, read on.
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Government Scientist to Tony Heller: You’re a Fucking Bonehead

As a rabidly partisan, anti-government nut job, I love to accuse the government and everyone who works for the government of lying and conspiring to take away our freedoms. Exhibits A and B:

I have to admit though, there are occasions when I can get a little over zealous. I’d like to share one of those times as a cautionary tale for other professional deniers out there.

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I’m Tony Heller and I Haven’t a Clue About Basic Science

If there’s anyone left who thinks that I have the requisite credentials to challenge the entire scientific community on global warming they should consider the fact that I don’t even possess an understanding of basic science. For example, I stated that when it gets cold enough in Antarctica, below the temperature CO2 becomes a solid, the CO2 gas will literally “freeze out of the air” like snow.


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