A pause or not a pause, that is the question.

Nothing more annoying than when warming alarmists go all math on you. Global warming is bullocks! How do I know? The simple fact is it’s 65F/18C in my apartment right now and I’m forced to wear a sweater!

Open Mind

One day, a new data set is released. The rumor runs rampant that it’s annual average global temperature since 1980.


Climate scientist “A” states that there is clearly a warming trend (shown by the red line), at an average rate of about 0.0139 deg.C/yr. She even computes the uncertainty in that trend estimate (using fancy statistics), and uses that to compute what’s called a “95% confidence interval” for the trend — the range in which we expect the true warming rate is 95% likely to be; it can be thought of as the “plausible range” for the warming rate. Since 95% confidence is the de facto standard in statistics (not universal, but by far the most common), nobody can fault her for that choice. The confidence interval is from 0.0098 to 0.0159 deg.C/yr. She also adds that there’s no sign of any slowdown in the rate of warming.

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8 thoughts on “A pause or not a pause, that is the question.

  1. Tony,did you know this:
    ”Predicting” weather / climate, was the oldest profession – prostitution was the second oldest. (from prostitution you get less rip-off, and at least you get something for your money) Regarding CO2, there are two versions #1: CO2 makes dimming defect – was used in the 70’s; that: because of CO2 dimming effect we’ll get ice age by year 2000. #2: the contemporary misleading effect is: because CO2 prevents heat to be ”radiated” to out in space, we’ll get global warming…?!(that version was used few times for the last 150years that was THE GRANDMOTHER OF ALL LIES!


  2. You want to learn the truth, here specially for you:

    THE TRUTH: heat created on the ground AND in the water is neutralized by the ”new cold vacuum” that penetrates into the troposphere every 10 minute. From 2-10km altitude all the heat is neutralized. The thinner the air up -> the more of that ”cold vacuum” penetrates in and out and neutralizes any extra heat. If no extra heat, that ”cold vacuum” just zooms out underutilized, or not utilized at all. Only occasionally super-heated gases from volcanoes and nuclear bombs explosions go above 10km up to 12km-18km, and gases of million degrees heat is neutralized, BUT: for the rest of the year, all that cold vacuum that zooms trough, is unused. Because the planet orbits around the sun into that ”cold vacuum” at 108 000kmh -it means that: that ”cold vacuum” cannot get overheated one bit!!! Bottom line: even if there was not one molecule of CO2 in the atmosphere – heat wouldn’t have ”radiated” out in void; all the cooling is done in the troposphere!!! Heat from the ground ”radiates” only few inches AND: horizontal winds collect that heat / then ”vertical winds” disperse it few km up into the thinner troposphere, where is ”neutralized” by the constantly coming in new ”cold vacuum” Heat from CO2 doesn’t radiate for more than a micron, and is directly cooled by the ”cold vacuum” No ”BACK-RADIATION” at all!!! CO2 is NOT a greenhouse gas!


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