“The Blaze” Journalist, Pierreguy Veer, Proves Global Warming Science Conspiracy with My Animated GIF

No one would believe me…until now. Superstar reporter for “The Blaze,” Pierreguy Veer, is helping me get the truth out this week about how NASA “cooled down the past in order to make modern warming look worse.” And it makes me so happy to see him using this super awesome animated GIF I created to conclusively prove NASA’s conspiracy to cover up the true temperature record:

My brilliant GIF has blown the cover off the entire global warming scam.
My brilliant animated GIF has blown the cover off the entire global warming scam.

This is great vindication from the criminals at the Tampa Bay Times who, last year, tried to undermine all the hard work I put into creating that GIF. And it doesn’t matter any more if Judith Curry thinks what I did to the data was bogus, I’ve got Pierreguy Veer and “The Blaze” in my corner. Someone hand this chap a Pulitzer Prize for this tour de force of science journalism.

And remember the important lesson here kids: hard work does pay off in the end. Keep diligently blogging and tweeting. Eventually, someone working for some third-rate website catering to conspiracy-minded idiots with disposable income will be glad to help promote you.

Steve Goddard (aka Tony Heller) Lashes Out at “Slimeballs” After His Edits Get Reversed on His Own Wikipedia Entry

They're messing with the wrong climate kook this time.
They’re messing with the wrong climate kook this time.

I try to remain humble, but I have to be honest, in the universe of climate-denying jackass crackpots, I can’t be beaten. I amaze myself, really. This time, in a blatant violation of Wikipedia’s conflict of interest policy, I edited the Wikipedia article about me. Continue reading

Barack Obama is a Fraudulent, Narcissistic, Abusive, Manipulative, Psychotic, Sociopathic, Race-baiting, Communist, Dictator-Terrorist-Whack Job-Wanker-Nazi

EvilObama_answer_1_xlargeIn my zealous denial that man-made global warming is happening, I’ll admit that sometimes I can come across as a bit unhinged. Well, it’s the same thing with my political beliefs.

At first blush, I might seem to have an extremely unhealthy fixation with President Barack Obama. I’ve mentioned “@BarackObama” in my tweets close to 1,000 times. 952 times, to be precise, as of the time of this writing. I mentioned “@BarackObama nearly twice as much as my next most mentioned Twitter handle, “@ClimateDepot,” who I mentioned 531 times. And those are just the number of mentions. The word “obama” appears in my tweets a whopping 2,290 times, which includes hyperlinks about Obama. In addition, I’ve mentioned “@WhiteHouse” 113 separate times in my tweets. If I were to guess, probably somewhere around 10% of my tweets is related in some way to Obama. You can witness my Obama obsession on Twitter here.

But there’s actually a good reason for my crazed behavior.

Continue reading

Canadian Scientists Now Under the Influence of Obama

Dr. Richard Dewey, Obama tool.
Dr. Richard Dewey, Obama tool.
It’s with great alarm that I must report that Canadian scientists now appear to be firmly under the control of our supreme dictator, Barack Obama. Undeniable evidence of this came by way of the warmist propaganda organ, Climate Denial Crock of the Week, which recently posted this news story from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation featuring a Dr. Richard Dewey, a scientist who helps run Ocean Networks Canada, an organization dedicated to faking data and generating alarmist disinformation for profit.

The report from the CBC covers ONC’s observations of extremely warm temperatures in the Northern Pacific ocean. Clearly, the report is a fake. Leni Riefenstahl couldn’t have done a better job. The news report features Dewey and an unnamed American scientist trying to look smart in their ersatz offices and strategically placed in front of maps and shown looking at computer screens to try to cover the fact they are nothing but hired guns.

But the dead giveaway of Obama’s socialist influence slaps you in the face when Dewey mentions how species from warmer waters are invading the North Pacific:

“Our local species are now having to work harder, they’re competing for the food that they’re after.”

As if it were a bad thing to “work hard” and “compete” to earn a living!

Friends, do not let yourself be duped by these scientists engorging themselves on tax payer money to support their limousine lifestyles through their fealty to Obama and his quest to fool us into joining his plot for a socialist revolution. We must continue the resistance!

Update: For more info about my conspiracy theories regarding Barack Obama, please visit this page.