Who Is Tony Heller?

Tony FUCKING Goddard
Tony FUCKING Heller

I’m climate change denier Tony Heller. You might know me better by my pen name, “Steven Goddard,” or Twitter handle, @SteveSGoddard. This is my story.

First, you should know that I’m pretty much a nobody in the climate debate. I’m laughed at by all climatologists. I’m not even taken seriously by true climate skeptics. I don’t have a degree in climatology. I haven’t written a single academic paper about climate change and I don’t have a job related to climatology or the weather. What I do have is a blog and a Twitter account. And as it turns out, that’s pretty much all you need to be a somebody in the climate debate.

My blog is a shit stain on the Internet.
My blog is a shit stain on the Internet.

Like a shit stain, my blog is ugly, embarrassing and, as much as you hate to, it’s something you have to deal with. One fellow climate denier described my blog as “the crack house of skepticism.” But enough uneducated morons and right-wing ideologues link to my blog to grant me substantial ranking on Google search results. As a result, any layperson on the Internet who has researched global warming with Google to a fair degree has likely read the bullshit posted on my website where I claim to be able to drive 250,000 visitors to my site every week and have received over 20 million page views as of November 2014. I have also attracted over 4000 11,000 14,000 19,000 Twitter followers with more than 18,000 50,000 84,000 111,000 tweets. And so although a complete nobody in the climate debate, I have a fair amount of influence over thousands, perhaps millions, of impressionable individuals who don’t have a basic grasp of the facts on global warming.

My first notable attempt at refuting climate scientists was in an article appearing on “The Register” website which was reprinted as my first guest blog post on Anthony Watts’ infamous “Watt’s Up with That?” climate denial website using my pseudonym “Steven Goddard.” Though I’m not qualified in any way to perform climate analysis, like many successful climate deniers, I have enough of a background in science and math to appear knowledgeable to the average Joe, but anybody with a serious background in climatology quickly realizes how clueless I am. But I’ve learned you don’t need to be right or truthful to attract an audience. Today’s political climate is rife with rabidly anti-government, free market types that are easy to manipulate and connect with.

My very first foray into climate denial was less than auspicious.
My first foray into climate denial was less than auspicious.

Anyway, in my first guest blog post for Watts, I essentially accused officials at the NSIDC, a government funded organization that monitors snow and ice formation on the planet, of fudging data about the melting arctic ice cap to make it appear as if it was melting more than it was. After going around and around incessantly in the comment section of the blog post and wasting a lot of people’s time with my bad analysis, I ultimately ended up having to issue an apology and acknowledge that the NSIDC was correct after an official from the organization took the time to point out how full of shit I was. Of course, that didn’t stop me from saying other dumb shit on Anthony’s blog because I simply don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about when it comes to the climate. For example, in this post, I make the ridiculous claim that it’s so cold in Antarctica that CO2 freezes out of the air like snow similar to what happens on Mars. Even after it’s pointed out in the comments just how fucking stupid that is and after Watts posted a retraction, I continue to insist I’m right.

The Dooc man had no qualms about spreading my bullshit.
The Dooc man had no qualms about spreading my bullshit.

In 2010, after a two-year stint guest blogging at WUWT, Anthony Watts figured out what an embarrassment I was to his site and fired me from my volunteer position as a guest blogger. So, I did what any denier hungry for a piece of the oil money action would do and launched my own climate denial blog, “Real Climate,” which I supplemented with my Twitter feed a year later. Continuing to post anonymously under my pseudonym “Steven Goddard,” I hammered out piles of pure bullshit making all kinds of baseless accusations against scientists and government officials. It wasn’t until June 23, 2014 that I finally started getting some traction with a post accusing NOAA and NASA of purposefully fudging US temperature data. Of course, it was all bullshit and easily refuted but that didn’t matter. It was choice red meat propaganda and so it got picked up by the corporate shills at Fox News and spread far and wide throughout the right wing echo chamber. I had finally hit the big time and now the world had heard about Steven FUCKING Goddard.

Hitting the big time at Heartland. Let it rain big oil checks!
Hitting the big time at Heartland. Let it rain big oil checks!

But now that I was getting some attention, it became clear that I couldn’t properly capitalize on my new found notoriety by remaining anonymous. So on June 27, 2014, I revealed my true identity, Tony Heller.

My next big break was my speaking gig at Heartland Institute’s climate denier conference held in Las Vegas just a couple of weeks later in July. You can watch my rambling, bumbling presentation at the conference here. Despite my rather underwhelming talk, the event was still a fantastic opportunity to network with other climate deniers and start connecting with others who could help me get paid for spewing my bullshit to my denier lemmings and clouding the climate change debate for my unsuspecting readers.

Since that time, the hundreds of embarrassingly bad blogs posts that would torpedo any real scientist’s career hasn’t put a dent in my career as a professional denier. For example, there was the time I confused sea ice with a glacier on my blog and had to erase all evidence of my post when I got called out on it. Despite my buffoonery, things have actually been going swimmingly. Because fake news has become indistinguishable from real news in the minds of many and because scientific knowledge has been overwhelmed with nonsense, it makes it possible for someone like me to have real influence. My bogus charts have been cited by the likes of United States Senator Ted Cruz and I even appeared and spoke alongside Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts at his press conference in 2016. I’m also now frequently quoted as a climate authority by right wing propaganda outlets like Climate Depot and Breitbart.

Don’t agree with me? You must be a climate terrorist.

I’m looking forward to continuing my work and building upon my reputation as an unapologetic sociopath and fighting the climate jihadists with juvenile insults. I am a rabid partisan and my work is an extension of my extreme right-wing ideology. Do I feel shame deceiving readers with unsubstantiated conspiracy theories, half truths, and ceaseless cherry picking? Nope! In fact, I view all progressives as the enemy and I will gladly say next to anything if I think it will undermine them. And I certainly have no issue with doing all this work for money so please donate today!

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      • Aw, that happens, Wendy! No worries, we still love you! I use the Captcha code too, and I still get spam! I got one for a london esccort service the other dahaw8230;#y&?


      • Consistently wrong? I’d love to see what you think he gets wrong. He is very detailed and uses NASA/NOAA/IPCC etc and their own information and words to show how wrong they are. You sound like you’re a climate fanboy that loves to jump on the band wagon attacking someone without knowing what they really say. Typical Dem Progressive dumbass.


      • No, “thetruths33kr”, the only thing Heller consistently does is LIE about what the NASA/NOAA/IPCC etc data shows in a lazy attempt to present them as being wrong. Only gullible rubes fall for his nonsense.


      • Talk about a gullible Rube!!!
        Were not the Idiots who believe a Bullshit Political Narrative, and confuse it with being “Scientific” in nature!!!


      • The author is confused, or perhaps just never took a lower division logic class in college.

        Character assassination it’s not equivalent to winning an argument. In fact, doing so is an indication you’ve lost the argument.


      • In case anybody out there doesn’t know, this person Morgan Wright once posed as someone by the name of Mike Sanicola, and claimed:

        “I’m an opticist, who specializes in optics and IR. I worked for GE’s infrared department and designed infrared telescopes for GE that were used by NASA in outer space. I invented the ambient temperature microbolometer.”

        A Google search reveals the inventors of this device were Martin A. Wand, Kenneth Rachels, John F. Brady, Michael Weinstein & David D. Ratcliff. There is no mention of Morgan Wright (or Mike Sanicola) in connection with this device.

        He used this fake persona to make nonsense claims about the effect of CO2 on radiation.

        He has also claimed to be a “professional IR astronomer”, and claimed to have visited Antarctica multiple times. Turns out he is only a boring optometrist, retired, who runs a disc golf course. He has also called himself Steven Foster. If you have encountered user hyzercreek on YouTube, this is him.


      • Please provide that Empirical Proof of the purported influence of CO2 on temperature at any atmospheric concentration.
        Please don’t come with the He said, She said or Coincidental BS, or videos or articles stating that it is so, but have Zero Empirical measured evidence, I want the Empirical Proof, nothing less!


      • No ofcourse I didn’t buy this far left bullshit. Also I wasn’t surprised, they aren’t know for nothing as DemocRats. Always complaining about fake news, when it doesn’t fit in their dogma! But de DemocRats are the founders of fakenews. And like al their tactics, they accuse others from something, they do it themselfes! Pathetic and transparent! Yeah, dumbasses is the right synonem for those manipulative lyers! I apologize for my poor english, it’s not my native language🙏 Btw: In Holland we have a saying: he is not worth it to kick his life out of him!


    • You could try reading some of his work. If you take a look back a few years you can easily see he is totally full of shit. All of his nonsense has been completely debunked many times since pointing out the truth to him doesn’t make any difference ridicule and Ad Homs are the least of what he deserves for the damage he has done.

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    • Let me get that right. The “alarmist” author here is a denialist of denialism…………does that make him a “super denialist” or simply someone who is on the ball?


    • You’re capable of fouling your environment with that comment, you’re a fool Global Citizen.
      I believe the Biblical Pharisees are amongst us…. again. Oh my, the old-time religion, it still works.
      A hive mind-program called Climate Change Agenda. It’s hard to get that Pharisee attitude out of
      our system, isn’t it? People knocking each other’s head off, for a difference of opinion regarding
      how we need to treat the Earth. Which includes ourselves. The ignorance and fanatism of Climate
      Change believers is enormous and utterly disrespectful to the human right of free speech and
      freedom of expression in how we choose to live in sync with the peace of a clear conscience.
      Please, grow up?!


    • Your science qualifications are what precisely? If you’ve ever consulted a GP, had surgery, driven a car, used a mobile – the services have all been developed by scientists. You can’t cherrypick the sciences you “believe and don’t believe.”


    • Jeez I think someone needs to take a good look at themselves I the mirror. I dont care who you are, or what you do, but to spend so much time writing vile negative vitriol says more about you than ever it does about some Tony Heller aka Stephen Goddard. He has every right to say what he does and it’s up to everyone to do their own research. Thanks for rant. I wont be wasting any more time here.

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  1. I always like hearing how American deniers claim global data was doctored by Americans.

    Umm… Hello. Its global data, and the IPCC is International. “In-ter-na-shon-all”

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  2. We all know you’re a sock puppet. I’m asking if you’re a retard. Evidently, yes.

    There is no argument about whether or not the temperature data is adjusted. It is a universally accepted fact.

    My response was to “anoilman”, who didn’t seem to understand how it was done.

    As for you, try the decaf. Seriously. You are obviously experiencing some kind of personal issues.

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    • Yes, I have personal issues, obviously: http://bit.ly/14MdGpb

      Oh, believe me, I know they doctor data, that’s one of my crackpot theories. I just didn’t know they publicly admitted to it. Kind of stupid of them to do that, don’t you think? I’m just wondering why the New York Times and media around the globe is not covering this important fact that’s there for everyone to see. I guess it’s an even bigger conspiracy than I imagined!

      So, are you a fan of mine? Wondering if you can put in a good word with Anthony Watts for me. I want to start blogging again on WUWT: http://bit.ly/1rLNWSe

      And which of my crackpot theories do you think is most convincing? Trying to determine which one I should blog about next.

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      • “And which of my crackpot theories do you think is most convincing?”

        Adjusted data. No one is denying it so that’s pretty convincing!

        Discussing the Harry_Read_Me.txt file could provide some interesting insight. I sympathize with the guy; he has an impossible task and does the best he can which appears to be pretty good. But it smashes any hope that there’s this uncontaminated huge file of every temperature measurement ever made anywhere on Earth.

        I am also a computer programmer; I find the whole thing as true-to-life as “Dilbert” and at times as amusing.


      • The only reason NOAA admits to doctoring the data is they knew they could not do it un-noticed, so they knew they had to make up a bunch of excuses. They aren’t admitting it as much as bullshitting about why.


  3. Almost my first and last exposure with Steve Goddard was some years ago on WUWT when he proved that Venus was hot not because of CO2 but because of PV=nRT.

    So now I’m wandering the web and run into this great site. Nice to meet you, Tony. Sorry to hear that Watt’s has sent you into exile.

    Also on my mind a question which, however inappropriate here, I’m gonna ask anyway… Not long ago I came across a climate denialist who had also published online his proof that the moon landings were a hoax because the Saturn V was demonstrably incapable of the fuel-energy load required – or something like that.

    Now I can’t remember who he was or where and I can’t find it on Google. Any help? I’m quite sure it wasn’t Steve Goddard. Or was it?


    • Moon landing denial was fairly common until “Myth Busters” busted that meme. It is amazing that NASA cannot squelch that meme but “Myth Busters” can do so quite handily. There’s an important lesson in there somewhere, probably containing some mention of government in the same sentence as trustworthy.

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  4. 1) there is no such thing as a climate denialist. Everyone knows the climate exists and changes from time to time. the question is HOW and WHY it changes. AGW believers think manmade CO2 causes climate change. AGW skeptics think manmade CO2’s contribution is overstated, and natural processes are responsible for most of climate changes.

    2) climate skeptics who believe the moon landings were fake or the Earth is only 6000 years old or various other crackpot theories don’t exist, and that’s why you can’t find evidence of their existence.

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  5. 1) “You’re” not Tony Heller or Stephen Goddard. You’re a sock puppet.

    2) The last time I checked, Venus and Earth were two different planets with two completely different sets of characteristics. I have no idea what makes the temperature of Venus so high. Lack of a moon to thin away the atmosphere? Closer proximity to the sun? Denser atmosphere that traps more heat? Some other factors?

    Regardless, arguments regarding Venus’ climate and arguments regarding Earth’s climate are two completely different subjects. I imagine that people who disagree on one planet could conceivably agree on the other. Or maybe not. Who knows? I haven’t researched the possibility.

    3) The real life Tony Heller seems to have some anger management issues, and he doesn’t seem to be able to play nicely with others. However, I can think of plenty of thin-skinned, prickly AGW believers, so what’s the point? There are ego-driven, flawed personalities with track records of producing fact-deficient, fraudulent or dishonest statements on both sides.

    I get that Tony rubs you the wrong way. For some reason climate science is a subject that makes people very emotional, very quickly, after the start of any discussion.

    Here’s a theory: is it possible that, subconsciously, we all know (both believers and skeptics) that the argument regarding which factors force climate changes (and the contributing percentages of each) won’t be definitively quantified, beyond further debate, until decades upon decades in the future, when we’ll all be resting in our graves and unable to gloat or mourn that our side was right/wrong?

    In other words, is all this emotion merely the bubbling over of unconscious frustration at the knowledge that we can’t settle the argument for good, for a long, long time?


  6. “climate skeptics who believe the moon landings were fake or the Earth is only 6000 years old or various other crackpot theories don’t exist”

    That’s a rather bold statement. With 7 billion people on Earth I suspect you can find any combination of belief and disbelief imaginable and some that aren’t imaginable.

    Given the enormous number of people in the United States that believe the Earth is 6,000 years old, I suspect that a good proportion of them also think the Earth is in Gods hand and therefore global warming is either (1) irrelevant, (2) nonexistent or (3) one of the plagues and cannot be stopped anyway.

    The age of the earth is mostly irrelevant in this context — so long as it is older than recorded history, who cares? But the relevant factor is whether any person is willing to do something about it. The “its in Gods hand” crowd cannot be moved to do something about it; it makes no difference what side of this debate they believe.


    • Yes, it is a bold statement. I should have thrown in a qualifier.

      And you are right about the religious fundamentalists. Their opinions and beliefs are somewhat irrelevant.

      I personally believe the Bible supports the Big Bang theory, as well as evolution, if you interpret it liberally enough. Just stretchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh those metaphors until you’re satisfied. Then we’re all on the same page.


      • “I personally believe the Bible supports the Big Bang theory”

        Yep. Let there be light.

        “as well as evolution”

        Indeed. Let the earth bring forth life.

        It’s a bit weak on details, nothing about Higgs bosons.


  7. Ok, whatever, Mr. Sock Puppet. Have fun acting out your weird little charade.

    BTW, I have a chemical engineering degree from one of the highest ranked engineering schools in the US. So feel free to make yourself look like a fool by assuming all kinds of ridiculous things about my “lack of science knowledge”.

    “So how about you go ask what Dr. Roy Spencer, a well-known climate skeptic, what he thinks of this bullshit idea that high temperatures on Venus are caused by high pressure, maybe you’ll believe him instead: http://www.drroyspencer.com/2011/12/why-atmospheric-pressure-cannot-explain-the-elevated-surface-temperature-of-the-earth/

    LMAO- do you even bother to read the crap you type? Did you SERIOUSLY use a Roy Spencer article about EARTH to claim he was disagreeing with Tony Heller’s theory about VENUS???

    Nice own goal, sock puppet.


    • Looks like I’m going to have to break it all down in baby steps for you. Apparently, eighth-grade-level blog posts are beyond your reading comprehension (sorry if this insults you, nasty habit of mine).

      Step 1: Read this tweet from me: https://twitter.com/SteveSGoddard/status/459688620262031361

      OK, got that? I believe the temperature on Venus is hot because it has a high pressure. This is not true, but this is what I believe.

      Step 2: Now read this tweet that clearly demonstrates that the phenomena that I think explains why it’s hot on Venus happens here on Earth, too: https://twitter.com/SteveSGoddard/status/448841986393403393

      OK, you with me so far? We can agree the Grand Canyon is here on Earth, right? So this should make it abundantly clear to you that I think that the ideal gas law applies to atmospheres on planets and I think using the ideal gas law is the proper approach to determining the temperature on a planet. If you disagree with my assessment of what I believe, go read this http://stevengoddard.wordpress.com/2014/03/06/please-stop-the-stupid/ where a I clearly talk about the ideal gas law: PV=nRT and how I think it applies to planets with atmospheres.

      Step 3: Now go look at this blog post where *I come right out and fucking say* that Earth would be just like Venus if it had a thicker atmosphere: https://stevengoddard.wordpress.com/2014/11/20/what-keeps-earth-from-being-like-venus/

      I’ll spoon feed you the sentence from that last post I linked you to:

      “Without these limestone beds, earth would have a very thick, high pressure atmosphere and would be hot like Venus.”

      So beyond a shadow of a doubt, I think the physical properties on Venus apply to us here on Earth. And I think that if the Earth had a thick atmosphere it would cause more pressure which would increase the temperature. I just fucking said it. You cannot possibly deny what I just said. I just quoted it to you. And you cannot possibly claim that I don’t draw a correlation between what happens on Venus with what happens here on Earth. I just unequivocally showed you that I do make a correlation between what happens on Venus and what happens on Earth.

      Now my ideas about thicker atmosphere alone (and not greenhouse gases) causing higher temperatures on Venus and Earth are batshit crazy wrong, but that’s what I believe. And that blog post from Dr. Roy Spencer that I linked you to (http://www.drroyspencer.com/2011/12/why-atmospheric-pressure-cannot-explain-the-elevated-surface-temperature-of-the-earth/) explains why what I believe is completely fucking wrong. The guy on WUWT explains it to you, too: http://wattsupwiththat.com/2012/01/24/refutation-of-stable-thermal-equilibrium-lapse-rates/

      By the way, congrats on having a chemical engineering degree. But that by itself means almost nothing. Oliver Manuel has a nuclear physics degree and is a teaching professor and had a paper published claiming that the sun is made of iron not hydrogen: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2002/07/020717080229.htm

      So yes, you can still be an absolute crackpot (as you are proving yourself to be by trying to defend me) and hold a degree at the same time. Degrees mean nothing. Hard data, good data analysis and a peer review process of that data and analysis are what science is all about.


      • LMAO! Here is a direct quote from my earlier comment:

        “The real life Tony Heller seems to have some anger management issues, and he doesn’t seem to be able to play nicely with others. However, I can think of plenty of thin-skinned, prickly AGW believers, so what’s the point? ”

        Does that sound like a defense of Tony?

        Trust me, you hysterical fool, you are just as messed up as you claim Tony to be. Maybe more. Buh bye.


      • Much worse than defending his sociopathic personality, you are defending his nutty theory for why it’s hot on Venus which overturns well established and non-controversial facts of planetary science.

        But at least we can agree I’m totally fucked up. That’s progress.


      • Anthony Watts IS a sack of sh**. He thinks CO2 warms air. The law of physics written for calculating the temperatures of gases,

        assigns CO2 a LOWER energy constant than air.

        You’re a dumb magic gas barking c**t who Tony won’t let suck his d***. That’s why you’re crying. Tony won’t give you some cause you’re a magic gas barking, dumba&&ed b*tch.


  8. OK, I’ll play your little game. Show me where I supported Tony’s Venus theory. Quote me verbatim. And don’t use this:

    “The science sounds pretty reasonable. The thick cloud cover seems to rule out a greenhouse mechanism.”

    That’s an OBSERVATION, not a DEFENSE.

    And for fuck’s sake, lighten up. I’m just a bored guy talking on the Intertubes. I’m not your enemy.


  9. There are several examples of outright fraud in Steve Goddard’s (real name Tony Heller) presentation.

    “Global Warming Deniers claim that Global Warming is a hoax/fraud/scam. They lie, they are willfully ignorant, and they are wrong.”
    Steve Goddard (real name Tony Heller) is still another example of the fraud committed by Global Warming Deniers.

    http://www.durangobill.com/GwdLiars/GwdGlobalWarmingStoppedIn1998.html (Near the bottom of the page)


  10. Is it just me, or am I alone here?
    Do I pretend to be some guy I hate? Or do I hate that I’m some guy who pretends?
    Can we- write our own blog that people read and be almost the only one who backs it up? Or can we back up on our own, then re-write the only one blog that people almost read?
    Am I tired of writing this? Or am I writing this cuz I’m tired?
    Will you joke about those who disagree with what they read here? Or will they read about you here cuz you’re a disagreeable.. wait. That’s not nice!


  11. Oh my goodness I tried making a t-shirt smaller to fit me better and I have resceiovdred my sewing skills are sorely lacking. I don't suppose you wanna help my fix it and mabe teach me a thing or two??? We could get together and have an evening through the week of amazing craftiness. We could document in here? Whaddaya think?


  12. Muito bom. Acho certo dizer que essa capa resume tudo que já houve de errado na vida do Batman, durante toda sua ex.nmêsciaiSimplestente demais. 8)


  13. Somebody fetch the Tony impersonator a butthurt form! And somebody teach the poor thing how to differentiate a constant, define energy and get through the work-energy theorem in one piece…


  14. Hiya, I’m really glad I have found this info. Today bloggers publish just about gossips and net and this is actually frustrating. A good blog with exciting content, this is what I need. Thank you for keeping this website, I’ll be visiting it. Do you do newsletters? Cant find it.


  15. G’day Tony,

    Thanks for a superb effort, on behalf of one and all.

    My background is also geology, plus socila anthropology, but my politics leveller, i. e. hard left.

    Lets see if we can move this debate on. My guess after two decades of considering is the main driver of the change that is real is geomag z shifts in the non-dipole field, at the core-mantle boundary. The mag, gravity, geodetics and sealevel maps, plus the seismic tomography sections, all fit the temp shifts, on all timescales, but the CO2 maps at the lower troposhere do not match anything, not even where the cities are. At ground level, (see earthnullschool daily), the CO2 and the dirty cities match.

    From this, it turns out that earth-moon barycentre shifts cause El Ninos and La Ninas, result being the solar eclipses tracking across the equatorial Pacific at year end give us all El Nios, to perfection. Run a solar total or annular across north India at SW monsoon time, and it fails. Go check the dates. But the Indian govt lied about the last one, by their own rainfall records. Also, sea surface temp anomalies, when not fake quakes fro mnuclear bomb dumping, mostly from the USA, give us excellent advance warning, days to months, of major pending quakes. Location but not timing. Stressed rocks get hot before they squeal. but try telling seismologists.

    This AGW is the new global religion, with all the formal trappings. Bullshit dogmsa, a snooty but ignorant shamanic hierarchy, sacred sites, sacred rituals, saints, devils and victims. Ask Eratosthenes.
    Like you, I distrusted Hansen, but very careful checking convinced me he did not crook the data. Just got some of the method badly wrong. So, I sent him an unreserved apology..

    If you or anyone wants details, have a 3,000 page report, always free but slow to get done, that I can send.



    Peter Spencer Ravenscroft. Geologist/social anthropologist/aging grump. Ravenswood Wildlife Sanctuary (Google it if interested) Closeburn, Queensland, Australia. Ph: 617 32894470 Email p.s.ravenscroft@gmail.com

    PS: For Murphy’s sake get an ordinary bloody email address, and use it. Your chipmonk form is the usual time-wasting broken nightmare. One bad week in 1991, I kickstarted the commercial internert with the first classifieds in the first digital newspapers, so they could survive, system in the public domain. For this mess?


  16. You don’t have to like Tony Heller (Steven Goddard), and if you’re a climate alarmism shill, for sure you don’t. But don’t let “authoritarian bias” distort your thinking. You don’t have to be a climate scientist to interpret the data he presents. Any half-wit with a brain can differentiate fact from fiction when comparing graphs, etc. Dislike him if you want, but the facts don’t care about your feelings


  17. When you read this think!! When data is put forth by “government” if it is false! that is fraud upon the people. Fraud is a due process violation. Due process violations are codified 18 USC 3571 at 250,000.oo FRN per violation. file Testimony in the form of an affidavit. Give them 21 days to correct. If they do not then they acquiesce to your affidavit. Do it again. The get declaratory judgement and file for your penalty funds with Risk Management.


  18. This blog is funny, but I’m not laughing at the crazy notion that desecrating mountains & oceans with fossil-fuel-built industrial wind turbines will A) cause no environmental harm and B) solve climate change in any meaningful way.

    Point A is easily debunked with normal eyes and ears. These huge machines are ugly, noisy, lethal and futile. There are over 340,000 of them, globally, and several schemes seek 10-times that number. It’s already a tragedy for the physical grandeur of nature. Not only do wind turbines blight daytime views, they corrupt night skies with synchronous red lights.

    Point B is a matter of ERoI math and common sense. Wind power takes up far too much space for what it gives back (intermittently). The necessary scale is staggering, and remember, none of it could exist without the finite fuels it claims to replace..

    The greendustrial wind frenzy is just ruining the planet with a new spin on business as usual. Anyone claiming the title of Environmentalist should not support Big Wind any more than they support Big Oil.


  19. do you actually take action? If so join our filing into the one supreme Court claiming original jurisdiction Article III.

    No way to attach the filings into that court. 1. is MaCarron Walters Act on muslims in our country. 2. is about 13 TONA.


  20. You could not have made a better job at showing that Tony Heller is probably right.

    The level of hatred of this piece does nothing but generate sympathy for the actual Tony Heller.

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    • “You could not have made a better job at showing that Tony Heller is probably right.”

      You think an emotional reaction to the tone of this page proves that CO2 is no big deal, despite all the scientific evidence? That’s not logical.


  21. IPCC is NOT a scientific body. It is a political body. Science has a methodology designed to minimize erroneous conclusions. It encourages skepticism so as to render proposed theories less vulnerable to serious criticism. Unfortunately, political interference often seeks to muzzle skepticism to further a particular political agenda. This seems to be very much the case with the relationship between the IPCC (and other political interests) and climate science.

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  22. So the minute you call someone an “asshole” it’s obvious that this is an opinion piece, and convinces me to ignore anything you have to say. LOL


  23. I know nothing of Steven Goddard other than I watched one of his videos, and being curious I seached his name for some background. If accurate, his presentation was logical. I neither believe nor disbelieve him.

    This webpage https://tonyhellerakastevengoddard.com/who-is-tony-heller/ actually argues strongly against itself due to it’s juvenile presentation. It is so childish in it’s false first person narrative that I cannot consider anything published here and will not waste any time following links on the page.

    Grow up.


  24. Screw you Tony. I get all the science info I need from Al Gore and Bill Nye. Al has a Nobel prize, so you know he is super smart. Bill Nye has a funny bow tie and He’s on TV.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. Can anyone answer me this
    Is greenland an island
    Is it cold in greenland
    Does it snow in greenland
    Does snow make glaciers
    Are glaciers on land or in the water
    Does warmer ocean currents melt ice on land
    Does greenland stay cold because it gets little sunlight
    Do glaciers melt in summer
    Do glaciers reform in winter
    Are glaciers freshwater
    Do healthy glaciers calf ice into the sea
    I actually googled all of the answers
    Apparently 99% of scientists didn’t
    Hope you post this for me
    Keep up your good work


  26. Why don’t you try to refute his claims rather than attack him personally. Usually someone does that when they are unable to defend their position…. if you can show me he is wrong, then I have reason to believe he is wrong. If you cannot, and this is all you have to say, you just made him more credible in my eye.

    Made a website dedicated to him? He must have struck a never. Lol

    If you care about the science. Please, go one by one with his claims and refute them.

    Funny how you bash him for admitting when he was wrong and correcting it. That is a wonderful trait that is becoming rarer and rarer these days. No one wants to show they can be or are wrong, they would rather ignore it than address it. We learn and grow from recognizing the mistakes we make. If we are unable to do that, we are just know-it-all’s that don’t ever have a reason for questioning our conclusions. We are infallible and there is no more room to grow.

    I never doubted global warming… until I finally looked into it. It is horrifying what is omitted. You have to ask, if they need to and are actually willing to do that, can you trust anything they have to say?


  27. Tony Heller is the only person in the whole climate debate who has been able to site factual statistics, relevant to the effect, not the cause, of CO2 emissions. He does not attack anyone unless siting evidence based statistics is considered an attack. You, however, have put no effort to site any real statistics in this article, or in this entire website. Instead you make personal attacks on him and use vulgar language to try to keep whatever alarmist followers you have at bay.
    The only smart thing you did with this entire website was not attach your name to it. If you did, you’d probably have no future career in politics or journalism alike.


  28. Why would anyone waste their time and talent pretending to be Tony Heller in order to undermine his credibility? Is it so hard to accept that Climate Change is a scam?


  29. Yep, expected from alarmists. You can’t fight the man with evidence and data so you make a page like this. Tony Heller is a scientist and is a good person, unlike you. The fact that you made this proves that you have no life and that your existence consists of attacking people who think differently then you. Honestly, i value that shit stain on that underwear in the photo you posted more then your life.


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