Reinvigorating the Scientific Debate Over Climate Change with Race Baiting

Would you let this man manipulate your data?
Would you let this man manipulate your data?

Climate deniers like me have basically lost the science debate. And journalists (as least the decent ones) and other sane people have pretty much learned to ignore us. Who listens to arcane debates about science anyway? Well, I’ve discovered a great new way to reinvigorate those flagging Twitter follower numbers and website hits with the tried and true strategy of race baiting.

Sure, scoff at me if you want, but race baiting is a great way to drive angry, uneducated people to our social media properties where we can then ply them with bad science and crackpot conspiracy theories about Obama and his plot to corrupt the world’s scientific community in order to turn the world socialist. Everybody knows that nothing gets you more attention than stirring up shit with controversial statements about race in America. So why not give it a shot and see how it works for you? Except for your credibility and coming across like a complete sociopath, what have you got to lose?

Here’s a recent post to my climate change blog, “Real Science,” that you might learn from: Farrakhan Calls For Terrorism To Kill White People And Destroy The US.

And here’s a few example tweets, too. Feel free to improvise and experiment!

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