Climate Denier Tony Heller (aka Steve Goddard) Having Public Meltdown Over Ferguson, MO Tragedy

I come unhinged over science, I come unhinged over politics, and now I’m demonstrating I also come unhinged over social issues of our day like the tragedy in Ferguson, MO. Take this disgustingly racist tweet, for example:

And then I recently asserted that someone who dared to politely challenge me on my opinion about Ferguson was a wife beater:

Frankly, I don’t have an explanation for my public meltdown. It may be because I’ve given up all hope of ever becoming a respected voice in the climate change debate. And perhaps my anger and pain at getting rejected is causing me to lash out. And maybe I’ve come to realization that the only people who will love and accept me now are those who are hate-filled, societal outcasts like me.

Please, won’t somebody send me some big oil paychecks to make things all better? I’m clearly losing my shit right now.

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