18 thoughts on “Steven Goddard (aka Tony Heller): “Twitter Trying to Silence Me” for Making “Non-Violent Threats”

      • You missed the joke, Tony. Stefanthedumber NEVER makes any sense, and that’s what’s funny. He’s almost as funny as that other renowned commenter on your site—-Omanuel.

        PS What Wiki and Twitter are doing to you is unconscionable and unAmerican. Fight on! We are with you!

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    • Hello old boy, my champion Dung beetle -Santa gave you bigger shovel, lucky you, next time you should ask for a bigger wheelbarrow also! Sounds promising.

      Old boy, is there any freak weather somewhere, drought, flood, earthquake or cyclone; to bring excitement and happiness to your mob? Unfortunately… because all of you are controlled by your psychopathic genes – even when is bad weather somewhere – on the other 97% of the planet is good weather, even though is same CO2 amount everywhere – good weather and people enjoying themselves must be very depressing for you, you have my full sympathy!

      Think positive and hope for some misery someplace, for great happiness of your psychopaths; so you don’t have to invent lies about the polar caps, where only swindlers shonky scientist go. Here where I’m in N/E Australia is a cyclone right now, but only small one, is bringing needed rain only… that’s not good enough for you… you prefer category 4-5, destruction and misery. There is a big one of Vanuatu, hopefully will drown some people, to make you happy.. keep the fingers crossed…


      • STDumber proves our point by making another senseless comment. Since he is just seeking attention, let’s humor him and perhaps he will go away.

        Shovels and wheelbarrows? HA-HA-HA! STD is SOOOO funny! Actually, I would need a CAT D-9 and a 10 wheel dump truck to handle the BS he slings.

        Does anyone besides me detect the logic fail in STD’s talking of others being “psychopaths” and then wishing harm to the Vanuatuans, who I’m sure have never harmed Stefan or any of the rest of us? “There is a big one (cyclone) off Vanuatu, hopefully (it) will drown some people”, says STD. Yep—-Nothing “sick” about that comment (smile and back away from STD sloooowly, folks, and hope he’s not armed).

        (And has anyone noticed that the abbreviation STD for Stefan the Dumber has other connotations? Is it possible to catch something nasty from Stefan if one engages in “unprotected” discourse with him? I’m feeling a strange itch.)


      • dumboldguy, suck a bit more on the weed, everything for you will look back to front, and in triplicate. Every time when is a freak weather damage or death -> all the excitement and happiness on ALL the commissar’s blogs, including on the Chameleon’s – calling himself ”greenman” instead of real the Marxist ”RED”

        I would like you all to be happy – you are the happiest when in the morning news is some catastrophe somewhere, bad weather, drought, floods; otherwise you all have to keep melting the ice on the polar caps and keep releasing methane from both ends. impossible job… More weed old boy, when you have shit for brains -> you become the smartest – use the letter ”z” even more often, for when you are exposed lying. keep shoveling it Pinocchio!


    • Not as desperate as someone who has to name himself after a horse (and it’s obvious which end is dominant). Can we be your “whisperers” and help you in YOUR desperation?


      • Yep, that’s me. Although it’s not as appropriate as the south end of a north-bound horse is for you (and that horse has been dead for ~2400 years). While we’re getting to know each other, what’s the significance of that robot-looking Gravatar?


      • The avatar is from gravatar. My username was created from a username generator. No need to try to read too much into it.


      • Well the first time I found this site you published some of Tony’s most epic takedowns of Obama and the climate scientologists and I bookmarked it and retweeted most of them.

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      • Yes, it’s a shame when the elected president (twice) of the United States turns out to be a communist-socialist-fascist-Nazi pig who is in league with the UN AGW alarmists and wants to destroy the capitalist free-market system that has so benefited all Americans. He must be stopped before he puts the few remaining coal companies out of work! Who will pay the coal miners’ black lung benefits if the companies shut down?

        Keep up the good work, Bucephelus—-those “climate scientologists” in Hollywood like Tom Cruise need to be taken down at every turn! Keep bookmarking Tony’s good work and keep those “epic” tweets flowing!

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    • I set it up to attract all the intelligent, data driven debate with my denier buddies we crave so much. Welcome! Jump in. The water is warm, but not getting any warmer. I’m telling the truth.


      • We can always count on you for the truth, Steve (aka Tony). Thank you.

        The water is actually very cold where I am right this minute and not getting any warmer—-in fact, it has been much colder than normal this winter here, and that is proof that global warming is a hoax. I even still have piles of snow around my house and it’s the middle of March!

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