In Latest Blog Post, Judith Curry Continues to Beat the “Hiding the Decline” Drum

My name is Tony Heller (aka Steven Goddard). I’m a professional climate change denier and I use this blog to blow the whistle on myself and sometimes others, too.

I know some of you thought I went too far calling Judith Curry a “Climate Junkie,” but if you aren’t convinced that’s exactly what she is, then go take a quick look at her latest blog post. You can skip past whatever point she’s trying to make in her long-winded and lazy, copy-and-paste essay about transparency in research and go right to the last line where she finally gets around to delivering her payload:

“Lets face it – ‘Mike’s Nature trick’ to ‘hide the decline’ means . . . ‘Mike’s Nature trick’ to ‘hide the decline.'”

That this quote has anything sinister behind it has been debunked so many times now that only true hard-core denialists believe it. And yet here Curry is repeating it once again reporting on it as if it were fact. And as usual, she doesn’t directly attack the science behind the hockey stick graph. Why? Because she can’t. Instead she just drops this mined quote at the end of her rambling post as a dog whistle to her devoted followers that she’s on their side.

This excellent five minute video from a couple of Mother Jones reporters clearly and efficiently explains the real story behind the “hide the decline” quote.

And for a fuller exploration about the controversy about the hockey stick graph which was put to bed long ago, take a look at The Hockey Stick: The Most Controversial Chart in Science, Explained which had this to say:

Climate deniers threw everything they had at the hockey stick. They focused immense resources on what they thought was the Achilles Heel of global warming research–and even then, they couldn’t hobble it. (Though they certainly sowed plenty of doubt in the mind of the public.)

Sorry, Judith, but you need the equivalent of methadone for your rhetoric. Stop relying on the Climategate smack to give you a lift.

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