Climate Change Journalist and Activist Pours Heart Out About Concerns Over Climate Change, Unleashes Asshole Feeding Frenzy

My name is Tony Heller (aka Steven Goddard). I’m a professional climate change denier and I use this blog to blow the whistle on myself and others, too.

If you are searching for evidence about how sick, twisted and dysfunctional segments of our society are, look no further than the replies to a series of tweets by journalist/meteorologist and climate change activist Eric Holthaus.

In the tweets, Holtahaus talks about his deep despair and anxiety over the threat of climate change. Then, in typical bully fashion, his tweets were featured on the front page of a right-wing propaganda site, mrcNewsBusters, which flies “Exposing & Combating Liberal Media Bias” on its masthead. While the NewsBuster piece, written by Tom Blumer, ostensibly suggests its readers “pity” Mr. Holthaus, I’m sure Mr. Blumer was well aware of the psychopathic mob that would rush to Mr. Holthaus’ Twitter feed in a gushing, orgiastic display of the very worst aspects of human nature. And that, of course, is precisely what happened. Here’s a small sample from some of the assholes who demonstrate precisely how deplorable they are:

There’s only one thing to do in the face of such extreme assholes: Don’t remain silent about assholes like me and keep calling us out for who we are.

And you can also show your solidarity for Mr. Holthaus on his new fundraising project to help him make a living blogging about climate change.

How to Turn a Nice, Jewish, Climate-Change-Denying Dentist Into An Active Fascist with Just a Few Emails, (Part 1)


Is it safe?

This blog is a parody of Tony Heller (aka Steven Goddard), a climate change denier who has managed to make a name for himself equipped only with a blog and a Twitter account.

This is the first in a series of posts (read Part 2 and Part 3) that tell the story of how a fan of the real Tony Heller mistook me for the real Tony Heller and how I was subsequently able to get him to agree with and cheer on ridiculously fascist statements in emails I sent to him. I also persuaded him to actively contribute financially to support a fictional covert persecution of climate scientists by the Trump administration. This is not a parody post and the account I give below actually transpired. As this post is not meant to out the person I corresponded with, I have redacted information in the emails that might be used to identify this person. His first name has also been changed.

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Dumb Shaming TV Meteorologists about Global Warming

Is a tornado about to strike your home? More details at 11!

You would think by now, with a weather forecast just a couple of taps away on your phone, we no longer would have to suffer through watching people in cheap suits on our local news channel desperately trying to keep our attention with lame jokes as they tell us about tomorrow’s weather. But apparently, the ad market for boner pills and adult diapers for people who still use flip phones is large enough to keep TV meteorologists employed for the foreseeable future.

That’s unfortunate because a lot of these 20th century holdovers don’t have a fucking clue about man-made climate change and still continue to deny it. And that’s a shame because as trusted members of the community, they could probably help educate the public about the urgency of climate change. As a vocal climate change denier myself, I acknowledge my role in helping to create these monsters.

There’s an entire list of TV meteorologists who went public with their doubts about global warming about 10 years ago which you can see here under the “Meteorologists” section of the page. The good news is that there have been a few recent instances of weather personalities who came clean and renounced their skepticism. And we want to encourage more of this behavior. So, as a public service, we think it’s high time to track down and call these other green screen masters to the carpet to see if they have come to their senses yet:

We’ll keep you posted on our progress.

Climate Deniers Matter

Poe’s Law now in full effect.

The time has come, my fellow climate deniers, for us to take a stand. We, the dedicated dozens toiling day in and day out on Twitter and various free blogging services to save the world from the global warming alarmists, can no longer afford to stand by idly while we are ostracized by the scientific community. Yes, we must work hard to Make Science Great Again.

First, we need to tear down the walls and barriers denying us access to publication to scientific journals. Science should be open to anyone who is interested in participating, just like it was 400 years ago when anyone who could figure out how to grind glass could help further the triumph of Western Civilization over our dominion.

Next, we are going to drive out all the elitists at NASA and NOAA and any other organizations around the globe who have invaded and perverted science with concepts like “corrected data,” “peer review” and “models.” We will flush them out and restore a common sense, back-to-basics approach to science by implementing a “raw data only” policy.

Once that’s done, we will assemble a great team of the sharpest thinkers like Anthony Watts, Tim Ball and Marc Morano to help us figure out what that hell is going on with climate science today. And it’ll be a diverse group that embraces all points of view, including ones from very good looking girls like Joanne Nova and Judith Curry (eh, maybe not so much).*

Then we start winning. We are going to make science so great you aren’t going to be able to stand it. That will allow us to discover so many new ways to find so many new reserves oil will be flooding the streets and you’ll be choking on the natural gas fumes filling the air. Soon, you’ll be begging us to stop, “please, no more science!” But we are going to just keep drilling, folks.

So join me and let the world know now that #ClimateDeniersMatter. Together, we can Make Science Great Again.


* Anyone offended by this politically incorrect joke needs to lighten up and get a grasp on parody.

View the Comments Judith Curry Didn’t Want You See on Her Blog

Climate Change News, Washington, DC — Our hard hitting reporters have uncovered a trove of deleted comments from Judith Curry’s recent blog post. The comments, from climate denier “Tony Heller Exposed,” shed light on Curry’s shocking hypocrisy. Apparently, the comments hit a nerve with the climatologist—who pretends to value open discussion from all sides of the climate debate—and were wiped from the public record.

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Absolving Judith Curry from Her Political Sins

Danger! Head exploding hypocrisy ahead.
Danger! Head exploding hypocrisy ahead.

My name is Tony Heller (aka Steven Goddard). I’m a professional climate change denier and I use this blog to blow the whistle on myself and sometimes others, too.

If you get a moment, check out Judith Curry’s latest blog post, “Ins and Outs of the Ivory Tower.” In it, Curry relies on her same tired trick of copying and pasting large swathes of text from others and then “reflecting” on how she thinks said person’s thoughts might have important implications for the larger climate debate. It’s a cheap way for her to sound profound without actually needing to be profound. Continue reading

Connecting the Dots Between Michael Mann’s Alleged Misogyny and Mark Steyn’s Rumored Homosexuality

Just connect the dots to find out!
Just connect the dots to reveal it all!

Like me, Mark Steyn is a man who understands the critical importance of an attention-grabbing title. In his 2012 C-SPAN interview about his book, “America Alone,” Steyn credits his editor, Harry Crocker, for rescuing his book from a fate in bookstore bargain bins and onto the New York Times bestseller list by coming up with a great title. Steyn says his original name for the book was “far more artful and elusive title that [Crocker] thought was for losers and would guarantee we sold, you know, 2,800 copies.”

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