View the Comments Judith Curry Didn’t Want You See on Her Blog

Climate Change News, Washington, DC — Our hard hitting reporters have uncovered a trove of deleted comments from Judith Curry’s recent blog post. The comments, from climate denier “Tony Heller Exposed,” shed light on Curry’s shocking hypocrisy. Apparently, the comments hit a nerve with the climatologist—who pretends to value open discussion from all sides of the climate debate—and were wiped from the public record.

Out of 9 comments posted by climate denier parodist, Tony Heller Exposed, only one remains. The remaining comment links to a blog post on the parodist’s website mimicking the tactics of a Mark Steyn’s recent book attacking climatologist Michael Mann by featuring quotes from famous scientists who have unfavorable things to say about Curry. Experts who have analyzed the documents agree that Curry likely left the single comment in there so that she could rebut it with her own comment. Curry also left up a comment from “scotts4sf” accusing the parodist of “polluting the discussion.”

Curry completely obliterated one comment which challenged her to retract her support for a blog post by Mark Steyn containing a homophobic reference that insinuated that Greg Laden was Michael Mann’s gay, submissive lover.

Outrage over this new scandal has been reverberating on both sides of the climate debate. Steven Goddard (aka Tony Heller), commented on Twitter that Tony Heller Exposed was a “world class wanker” and “deserved what he got.” Gavin Schmidt, head of Nasa’s GISS unit, told Climate Change News by phone that “I took this job to do important climate research, not sort through petty pissing matches between adult human beings. We’re facing global catastrophe and you’re asking me about this? I’m hanging up now.”

See the deleted comments below (click or tap to enlarge). Stay tuned for more breaking news from Climate Change News, where the only thing that’s constant is drama.

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