Dumb Shaming TV Meteorologists about Global Warming

Is a tornado about to strike your home? More details at 11!

You would think by now, with a weather forecast just a couple of taps away on your phone, we no longer would have to suffer through watching people in cheap suits on our local news channel desperately trying to keep our attention with lame jokes as they tell us about tomorrow’s weather. But apparently, the ad market for boner pills and adult diapers for people who still use flip phones is large enough to keep TV meteorologists employed for the foreseeable future.

That’s unfortunate because a lot of these 20th century holdovers don’t have a fucking clue about man-made climate change and still continue to deny it. And that’s a shame because as trusted members of the community, they could probably help educate the public about the urgency of climate change. As a vocal climate change denier myself, I acknowledge my role in helping to create these monsters.

There’s an entire list of TV meteorologists who went public with their doubts about global warming about 10 years ago which you can see here under the “Meteorologists” section of the page. The good news is that there have been a few recent instances of weather personalities who came clean and renounced their skepticism. And we want to encourage more of this behavior. So, as a public service, we think it’s high time to track down and call these other green screen masters to the carpet to see if they have come to their senses yet:

We’ll keep you posted on our progress.

3 thoughts on “Dumb Shaming TV Meteorologists about Global Warming

  1. You have captured the meaning of an ACTS Retreat. I’ve not heard it explained any better, and I went on my retreat almost ten years ago. God bless you and the community at Church of the Astmpusion.


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