BREAKING: CIA White House Spy Ring Plan Uncovered

This story isn’t being reported by the New York Times, Wasthington Post, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC or even FoxNews so you know this shit is for real.

The mainstream media is suppressing a covert CIA operation it is setting up to spy on future White House operations and President-Elect Donald Trump. “High-level operatives within the CIA have declared Donald Trump the nation’s highest threat to national security,” said a source with intimate details of the operation.

The source said documents outlining the plans will be forthcoming and is currently in discussions with WikiLeaks to “blow the lid off this act of treason.”

More details to follow. Please post this far and wide on Facebook and Twitter to help uncover the threat to our Great and Wondrous Leader, Donald Trump.

2 thoughts on “BREAKING: CIA White House Spy Ring Plan Uncovered

  1. One paragraph into this and I knew it wasn’t worth finishing.
    When you begin with bitter attacks on someone you lose by default.


  2. It is hard to understand how someone with half a brain could believe in the BoogeyMan! Climate Change is exactly that, a monster hidden just around the corner, but when we get to that corner he just around the next corner. I have had dealings with NOAA and they are exactly as Tony describes, liars and cheats, narcissists that when the actual climate doesn’t match their worthless models, primarily because there is no computer powerful enough to even forecast the weather, let alone the climate. they simply replace the data with garbage The disservice they are doing to science is criminal, synonymous with the middle ages!


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