Tamino Melts Tony Heller’s Snow Job, Blizzard Now Brewing

My name is Tony Heller (aka Steven Goddard). I’m a professional climate change denier and I use this blog to blow the whistle on myself and others, too.

As we all know, deniers like me love to cherry pick data to bolster our argument. For example, if Arctic sea ice cover is way down we emphasize Antarctic sea ice cover. If ice coverage at both poles is at record lows, as they are now, we talk about something else entirely, like this recent blog post about snow coverage.  It’s an endless shell game for us.

That’s why it was good to see a well known climate change statistician, Tamino, call me out on my cherry picking about snow coverage.

But stand by for some humiliation that I have vowed to send Tamino’s way:



6 thoughts on “Tamino Melts Tony Heller’s Snow Job, Blizzard Now Brewing

  1. YOU SHOULD BRUSH UP ON WHAT CLIMATE IS: -”there is no such a thing as ‘’earth’s global climate’’ – there are many INDEPENDENT different MICRO CLIMATES 1] Alpine climate 2] Mediterranean climate, 3] sea- level climate 4] high altitude climate 5] temperate climates 6] subtropical climate, 7] tropical climate 8] desert climate 9] rainforest climates 10] wet climate 11] dry climate, as in desert AND THEY KEEP CHANGING; wet climate gets dry occasionally b] even rains in the desert sometimes and improves. In the tropics is wet and dry -/- in subtropics and temperate climates changes four time a year, WITH EVERY season= migratory birds can tell you that; because they know much more about climate than all the Warmist foot-solders and all climate skeptics combined – on the polar caps climates change twice a year. Leading Warmist know that is no ”global warming” so they encompassed ”climatic changes” to confuse and con the ignorant – so that when is some extreme weather for few days on some corner of the planet, to use it as proof of their phony global warming and ignore that the weather is good simultaneously on the other 97% of the planet, even though is same amount of co2. In other words, they used the trick as: -”if you want to sell that the sun is orbiting around the earth -> you encompass the moon – present proofs that the moon is orbiting around the earth and occasionally insert that: the sun and moon rise from same place and set to the west, proof that the ”sun is orbiting around the earth” AND the trick works, because the Flat-Earthers called ”climate skeptics” are fanatically supporting 90% of the Warmist lies. Bottom line: if somebody doesn’t believe that on the earth climate exist and constantly changes, but is no global warming -> ”climate skeptic” shouldn’t be allowed on the street, unless accompanied by an adult. b] many micro-climates and they keep changing, but no such a thing as ”global climate”


  2. Yeah TH, this guy gets it, he’s smarter than all the climate scientists. They have been studying the wrong thing, maybe he should write a textbook! Please send him some crayons.


    • Bedoya played well in his last USMNT apreapances during the 2011 Gold Cup. He provided an important spark off the bench, allowing the US to turn around from the Panama loss.


  3. This guy is insufferable. I wonder when he was born. Hopefully his kind are not reproducing and will die out before long.


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