How to Turn a Nice, Jewish, Climate-Change-Denying Dentist Into An Active Fascist with Just a Few Emails (Part 3)

This post is the third in a series chronicling my email exchanges with a climate-change-denying, retired dentist who has mistaken me for Tony Heller, a climate denier, and how I am able to lead him down a path toward fascism using the twisted logic of climate change denial as my entry point. If you haven’t read Part 1, or part 2, please do.

In part 2, “Bill,” our unwitting target, had assented to me helping him get his thoughts published to help defend Western Civilization against climate change scientists, progressives and Muslims. Part 3 goes far deeper into the rabbit hole with Bill showing no reluctance accepting my egregiously fascist positions and continues to show eagerness to team up with me.

We pick up Part 3 with this email from Bill which recounts his progression from a Gore voter to a climate change denier and right-wing ideologue and the influences which moved him there:


I could write about this for hours, but I will try to be efficient.
I have politically evolved from the center left to the somewhat center middle in todays ever changing landscape. I’m still a social libertarian and though Jewish by upbringing, to say I was secular is accurate. Having said that, I have no qualm at all with people of faith. I have respect for their beliefs, it’s just not where I’m at.
In terms of politics,  I often blog that “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party so much as it “Left” me.”
After the death of my wife in [REDACTED] (another, long and sad story), my slow political stance of resisting the tide toward the right collapsed. I just went with the flow.
Where I had originally voted for Gore, I did not see the electoral college in the negative light that the “left” did. I felt that the Supreme Court did not handle the legalities cleanly, but that the result was completely legitimate. I think in someways in the back of my mind, I was relieved that the adults had won the election. Of note, I never “hated Bush” like so many Democrats do and did, I just saw him as an idealist who read a little too much into the concept of Natan Sharansky’s writings about 1-2-3 everyone wants a Democracy and as such made fatal flaws in his Middle East Policy. I had no doubt that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and sent them to Syria to get them out of Iraq. He miscalculated and the rest as they say is history. 
Idealists make great pundits but are often ineffective leaders. Pragmatists make the world go round. Bill Clinton in his dealings with Newt Gingrich actually learned that in his second term.
So it was about at that time, I read “State of Fear” by Michael Crichton and started to have my eyes opened quite wide. 
With not too much research on the net, I discovered Gore’s entire life was essentially a fraud.  His climate nonsense was nothing more than propaganda, his facts were make believe. For him it was all about power and most especially – money.  I then started to read David Horowitz’ (I suspect you know of him?) books on the left. From there, my transformation was complete.
I started reading Watt’s and Morano and eventually discovered other blogs like yours and JoNova’s.
P.S. I like Tony Watt’s blog, but he is more than a bit cranky!….:-)
What I then asked myself is, “Where do I fit in with all this new information”? i.e. How to react to and defeat leftist ideology and clearly it has it’s tentacles into the “Climate Industry” as well.
As I discovered, It’s not about “science”, it’s about leftist power and ideology and to the Michael Mann’s of the world – MONEY!
As such, the two were obviously interrelated issues which of course I know you realize.
Despite being about 3 classes short of a B.A. in Biology (my B.A. was in Business Economics) and having a medical degree (D.D.S – Dentistry), I realized that I personally don’t have the background it takes to  “lead the scientific cause”.  I don’t have the computer and statistics background you or a McKittrick/McIntire have for instance. I don’t have the Climate background of Tim BallI.  I became aware of the data fraud by reading articles by Delingpole and most assuredly Christopher Booker and Christopher Monckton in the UK. It’s around that time (about a year ago) that I discovered links to your blog. I also quickly discovered that no one can talk to a committed leftist. NO ONE! If Climategate didn’t make them waver, they were hopeless.
The evolution continues…..
I thought of myself as “lay educator” at first – one on one in small social gatherings. Most especially with the sailors out here. Many of them think of themselves as some sort of Greenpeace wanna be’s, but I was actually pleasantly surprised to find out how many just needed a little direction in their questions to be convinced of the CAGW folly.
When I get in front of an open minded gathering or group, I have enough command of the facts, science and statistics to quickly at least get those of my former positions to open their eyes and look for themselves. I have found a fair amount of success in this.  I note that the “second tier” Trolls are slowly going away regarding climate on various blogs.
I don’t know if it’s because they’ve all developed Trump Derangement Syndrome and moved on to trolling Breitbart or they’ve finally realized they aren’t facile enough with the facts to refute the sound arguments about anthropogenic “climate change”.  It’s increasing obvious that those left are indeed – Leftist’s.
The Left has also gone full derangement about Israel, which despite my hating to say it, remains the Canary in the Coal Mine as to the status of the World’s totalitarian madness.
I’ve read a tremendous amount of material in the last 5 years on both the political and scientific aspects of “Climate Change”. I’ve seen nothing from the alarmists that makes me believe they have a leg to stand on. Everything from Agenda 21 and the Club of Rome to Mann’s Hockey Schtick and Bill Nye the Political Science Guy’s ridiculous attempt to make the world 100% CO2 in a box.
My favorite line to the alarmists is this:  “Show me one piece of data that is not manipulated with a viable scientific explanation to prove that CO2 has any measurable effect on increasing the Earth’s temperature?”  95% of the time, the response is silence. The other 5 % is easy pickin’s. I get the “models say so” (ha!), NASA/NOAA and the “12 Wise Men” say so etc. Easy to refute in a heart beat and I often link them to your articles on the fraud, complete with GIFF’s that even a leftist shill can understand.  Then I hear…….nothing.  If you had the time, which I’m sure you don’t, you could go to disquss’ home page and look what I blog about. My screen name is “fromafar”. [EDITOR’S NOTE: DISQUS PAGE FOR “Fromafar”]
The “pure political leftist’s”, I send them quotes from Figueres and “The Naomi’s – Klein and Oreskes –  and others at the IPCC where they say that “even if the science is wrong”, it’s all about the destruction of Capitalism.  I remind the “left”,  that no other economic system in history has ever achieved or produced anything of value to humanity. I’s people like this Katherine Hayhoe you wrote about that we must defeat and displace. I’d seen stuff on her before and realized that’s it’s people like her that are doing the most damage at the grassroots level.  She’s the one indoctrinating the kids along with Bill Nye the Political Science Guy.  I actually collect lots of articles and quotes on the science and politics of “Climate Change” but unfortunately they are not as organized as I would like at this point as I rarely have had internet while sailing vast distances across the Pacific this season.  That will take me some serious time to sort through.
This is the type of person we must refute. She comes across as eminently reasonable, she’s just got all of it wrong!  She’s indoctrinating kids and the “sheeple”.
So, “where I’m in” has been to be a lay educator to those with an open mind. To defeat the Hayhoe’s and the Nye’s.  What I would like to see is a “Boot Camp” where people like me, go to the experts like you and get the arguments down tight. I see no Alinksky method lies involved here, though certainly being educated to their tactics would only be to our benefit.
Having said that, I see no need to Polarize, Demonize and Ostracize. The facts win and defeat the leftist ideology every time. It’s why none of the “expert alarmists” will debate you or people with your background. They know they’ll be exposed and lose. They try and dismiss you with the “science is settled” crap and the public just isn’t buying it anymore. 
Frankly, as flattering as it might be to meet the big names in the game, my ego doesn’t need to be massaged and I’d probably be wasting their time to get more important things accomplished.
They’ve got more than a very full plate to deal with, I would include you for the most part in that statement, though I easily see you as someone who could help get the foot soldiers motivated and educated.  An organization like David Horowitz runs or like Ebell and CFACT run would be perhaps a good place for the “Boot Campers” to be put through in some sort of formal setting.
I see people like me as being “useful”, but not idiots. We have the facts, they have the deception.
There are several bloggers who would be great at this, one on Watt’s site comes to mind is Gail Combs. She’s highly educated, extremely bright and knows her stuff.
You’ve got several on your site as well.
I don’t know how this all “fits” into whatever you have in mind, but this is pretty much where I’ve seen myself and what usefulness I could be to the scientific truth and the exposing of the Leftist political movement who more and more bring us closer to Orwell’s “1984”.
As to whatever you have in mind – I’m quite open to just about anything.
Just today, Obama signed legislation for – get this Orwellian tittle –  “Countering Disinformation and  Propaganda”
If this isn’t “The Ministry of Truth” in action, I don’t know what is?
When we were in High School, if we even cared, we gave a small bit of wonder as to how great civilizations like that of Ancient Greece and Rome could have fallen. 
When I look at today’s Europe, Obama’s America and the totalitarianism of Islam, I now “get it”.
I leave you for the moment with another of my favorite quotes I write on the blogosphere.
“Orwell wrote “1984” as a warning to the world. Most people never could have believed anything like this could ever come to pass within Western Civilization. However, the “LEFT” read it and took it as their playbook”. 
Standing by in [REDACTED] :-)

At this point, I’m getting a little weary of stringing Bill along so out of curiosity I throw him a curve ball to see how he might respond:

Thank you for sharing.

A small part of me wonders, though, the “other” side says precisely the same things about us.

Who is to know who is right?
And I write this because I’ve been reflecting on some of the things I’ve written to you over the past few days. I feel almost as if I’m becoming a little too militant. Do you feel the same?

Bill’s response:

Writing on my IPad as for some reason my mail system is down on the computer.
Honesty – What “They” say about us and Militancy…..
Well, read what David Horowitz says about fighting the left.
He constantly chides the right about being to polite and not being willing to get into the dirt with the left. To a point, I think he’s correct, but I think and I know he does, that this gives us little right to distort facts. The simple truth is – we don’t have to.
You have spent a great deal of time exposing the lies and hypocracy of the CAGW “believers”.  Do you see people on our side of the argument lying and making it all up?
I know you don’t and neither do I.
So, keeping it honest is all we really need to do. That’s our Militancy and answer to “them” regarding our side of the debate.
 For them…..not so much.

Sent from my iPad

I continue to probe to see what kind of self doubt he might have about his positions and his views of the motivations of the left by raising the possibility of my own self doubt:

Yes but don’t they say precisely the same of us? Sometimes I see glimpses of a mirror reflection on the opposite side. It’s odd to say the least. 

Bill continued to push back against my expressions of doubt about my militant positions:


Look in the mirror.

Are you accurate in your public information?
I think so.
Do they believe they are? I think not.
Wasn’t it Mikey and his friends who said, “We have to hide the decline”?
Haven’t we heard complete doublespeak from Gavin about his “adjustments”?
When Roy Spencer and even the Luke (I am your father) Warmists over at RSS make their adjustments, don’t they tell us why and how? Isn’t the RSS people who said, “we can’t explain the pause”?
Can CSIRO here in Australia say the same? They won’t even release their “adjustments” despite multiple years and multiple FOIA attempts.
First they tried, “but the public won’t understand it”. Yes, came the cries, but the scientists will. After 2 years of stone silence, they finally said, “Well, we’re just not going to tell you”.
Isn’t that what Mikey said too? He has “proprietary data” (that the public paid for).  He got a leftist court (hand picked) judge to agree with him.
Again, I’m not a scientist, but I believe you have released all your findings and how they were derived on your site?
Unfortunately, Tony Abbot was about to expose CSIRO and then he got the boot. Malcolm Turnbull is a strong luke warmest.  That ended that exposure.
Trump’s people will finally get a look whether Gavin likes it or not. I presume you might even be one of the people who get to look?
So it may “feel weird”, but is it?

At this point, I reverse tactics and launch into a full fascist statement including a quote attributed to Adolf Hitler about generals who treat war as a tournament and the need for revolutionaries:

OK, I posed that question to you as kind of a test to try to gauge where your head was at. Thanks for your response.

I’m going to be perfectly straightforward with you because I think you can understand this:

About twenty years ago I realized that liberal democracy was a failing experiment. It was more or less a chain on the souls of the strong who knew how to lead and keep order in the world. Everything was working well until about 1965 or so and then we starting entering postmodernism. We had the hippie counter culture and the sick disease that is liberalism began to take hold. They began to idealize “truth” and tried to discover the “essence” of our culture. This was the beginning of the end of the modern era, of true progress. As we have seen, it’s been all downhill from there. The strength of Western Civilization, the ideology that created the modern world, has been greatly eroded and weakened.

And to blow your mind a little, I don’t think climate scientists are lying. They believe in what they are doing and they are correct to some degree. But their minds are soft. They think we are bound by laws of physics and they believe following the dots they observe will lead them to some preordained outcome. What they fail to understand is that what is holding mankind back is not the limits of the atmosphere but man itself. We are currently unable to fulfill our destiny because of the limits of postmodern thought. In order to fulfill our destiny, we must literally and figuratively blow up postmodern thinking using some of the same tools they used to sow chaos in the world. We must leverage their creations, like the Internet, to our own advantage. And we must use their rhetorical devices to return order and re-establish great men to the forefront of society who will truly lead restore that order and return us to greatness.

Let me tell you, the Founding Fathers were not all about giving the masses the power to run the country. This is why they greatly restricted the right to vote to property owners, to people who were intelligent enough to know what was best for society, not anybody with a pulse over the age of 18. This is why they created the electoral college. The Founding Fathers were authoritarian at heart but they knew it was important for the elites to share power and get along. That’s why the created the three branches of government. Again, this is not politically correct, but it is the cold, hard truth.

So yes, the answer is we do mirror the left for now, but only to use their own tools against them in order to undermine them. Once they are dispensed of, society can be righted and progress can again be made.

I believe this is the vision and the understanding we must all have if we are going to win. The enemy is strong so we must be stronger. Generals think war should be waged like the tournaments from the Middle Ages. I have no use for knights; I need revolutionaries. [EDITOR’S NOTE: These last two sentences are attributed to Adolf Hitler]

Are you with me?

Bill displays absolutely no alarm with my attacks on democracy and full embrace of authoritarianism or my nonsensical justification for it. His only concern is my statement that climate scientists may be partially correct:

Just getting back on the net in my morning.First, a science question.
“And to blow your mind a little, I don’t think climate scientists are lying. They believe in what they are doing and they are correct to some degree”.
I think lots of them believe in what they are doing too, it’s just that I can’t find any real evidence that their right to any degree that can actually be measured within the limits of instrumentation constraints? If CO2 is raising temperature, what about water vapor that overwhelms its effect by absorbing UV in almost entirely the same spectrum?

OK, now that’s out of the way.
If the scientists who are believers “to some degree”, but not in any significant degree, do you think it’s purely leftist politics with them, or is it just about the money?
I know a guy like Holdren is consumed about leftist/Obama doctrine.
Paul Ehrlich once “had me”, I now know he was nothing more than a leftist political fraud.
I still cannot believe this nation elected the Manchurian Candidate.
What’s going on with him and Kerry at the UN as we speak is appalling.

What do you propose? How can the minions help?

Bill shortly followed up his email with this quote from an archbishop attacking democratic principles and the need to undermine those principles to stop Muslims:


I truly believe in the quote by the Chaldean Catholic Archbishop….…

Please, try to understand us. Your liberal and democratic principles are worth nothing here. You must consider again our reality in the Middle East, because you are welcoming in your countries an ever growing number of Muslims. Also you are in danger. You must take strong and courageous decisions, even at the cost of contradicting your principles. You think all men are equal, but that is not true: Islam does not say that all men are equal. Your values are not their values. If you do not understand this soon enough, you will become the victims of the enemy you have welcomed in your home.

You will become victims of the enemy you have welcomed in your home.

Answering his question about “how can the minion help?” I followed up with even more over the top fascist rhetoric and bizarre justification for it:

We are required to act as if the climate scientists aren’t even partially correct. To do so would cede them some ground and that’s a foolish thing to do when you are engaged in a war. We have to do everything we can to undermine all their evidence and cut the legs from underneath them by all means necessary. Once that’s done, we can handle the problem of climate change (which is not nearly as bad as the scientists are making it out to be) with true leaders like Trump who can address the problem more directly because they understand power and how to wield it to accomplish great things. Trump is not a dumb man. He understands everything I’m writing to you now. I can tell you that will the greatest assurance from the people I’ve spoken to who understand his approach. He is a true genius in every sense of the word and is the best thing that ever happened to our country because he knows how to lead people to achieve a goal. He understands the world and how to manipulate it to his and our benefit. He’s proven that. The art of leadership is about consolidating the attention of the people against a single adversary and taking care that nothing will split up that attention.

We can never forget that what postmodernism preaches is that there is no objective truth. But without objective truth we know there can only be chaos. And so we must reject postmodernism and the scientists that are products of that culture because their solution, liberal democracy, is the wrong one. Postmodernism and those who preach it cannot save it from itself.

Remember, we are facing a total attack on Western Civilization. And also keep in mind that our problem is much bigger than climate change. Our goal is to fulfill the destiny of man and we simply cannot do that with a liberal democracy that has no objective truth upon which to build upon. We need to bring order to the chaos with the truth that good and strong leaders can move mountains.

Bill responds, ending his email asking how he can contribute to my fascist positions once again:

Just for the record…..
Our emails are confidential.
I will not be sharing them with anyone.Totally agree there are much bigger issues than Climate Change.
It’s just a tool of the left to achieve their goals of the infamous “One World Global Order”.

The luke warmists have never offended me. Judith Curry, Bjorn Lomborg. They are still essentially on our side, they just make the pill more palatable for the religionists of climate.
Ironically, it doesn’t seem to do them any good which I suppose speaks to the “we’ve got to beat them over the head” till they quit concept.

Okay Chief!…now what are we to do?

I suggest ghostwriting a piece for him:

As mentioned, we have to get others on board with this understanding. Everything is well underway in that respect but we will meet harsh resistance. We must continue to communicate our message stridently, relentlessly and always on the attack against current progressive thought that is the spawn of postmodernism.

Let me take a stab at shaping what you and I shared in this email with me into some kind of article. I will, of course, use appropriate restraint in how I phrase things. Some of these ideas are not yet palatable yet. But you will be able to look it over and tell me if you are comfortable with it and shape it how you see fit before we publish it. I don’t do guest editorials on my blog. I’m going to find a good outlet for it, though, where it will receive wide readership. Maybe we will even make you into a bit of a star. :)

I might need a couple of days. Please have patience.

Bill tells me how he is already active helping to “educate” the public with, he reassures me, his militant positions:

Just so you know, I use the screen name “Fromafar” on disquss to keep some anonymity.You are far braver than I am – at least at this point.My latest posts which have stirred quite a few bloggers (I might add all positively) was the post below.
I suspect you’ll find this militant enough.

To the responders, I posted Robert Spencer’s article, highlighting the quote from the Chaldean Archbishop.
I am very patient and standing by….
Hope you enjoyed my list of blogs and youtube sites….?

[EDITOR’S NOTE: What follows is the text Bill copy and pasted from a comment he made on the internet.]

Want a quick plan for peace?

Here it is and after yesterday’s UN vote, there is little reason to wait any longer. Time for Israel to pull off the gloves.
Hopefully, POTUS Trump will see it this way as well. It’s a far better “deal” than any Jews were offered by any Muslim nation who expelled them and took their property without any compensation whatsoever.

1) Israel to immediately annex Judea and Samaria (The West Bank)

2) All non citizen Arabs in ISRAEL sign a “one strike” agreement. NO violent acts. If they violate, they go to jail, their property is confiscated and used for compensation to any victims including the State of Israel. After they serve their time, they are moved to Gaza.

3) IF they refuse to sign such an agreement, purchase their businesses and properties at 3 times value (yes that can be determined and the money can be found). Then, off to Gaza or any other nation in the world they can emigrate to and never be allowed back in the country, not even for a visit.


4) ALL people who remain are permanent residents will full rights except the right to vote. That will be given in 30 years time.

NON VOTING representatives will be included in the Knesset. After 30 years, they can vote.

5) The schools and police will be supervised. By the Israeli’ Dept. of Education and the Israeli military. NO more hate indoctrination and real history gets taught.

6) UNRWA is dissolved. Funds in proportion to the regular UN Refugees program are increased to accommodate the “Palestinians” in all nations in which they reside to really get them citizenship in their host countries.

The “Palestinians” (a completely make believe people) are nothing more than the First Jihadist movement of the 20th Century after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. There is NO DIFFERENCE between FATAH, HAMAS and ISIS or AL QAEDA. NONE!

The “Palestinian Militants” do not want peace, have never wanted peace and will never want peace.

The “Two State Delusion” is just that.

In 10 years, the people who remain will be prosperous beyond their imaginations.

If the world really wants peace, the USA and the Israeli’s are going to have to get very real and separate the two parties (more appropriately, separate the people with the violent Jihadist mindset) apart from Israel.


I ask Bill where this was posted to which he replied:

I’ve posted it on about a dozen sites…….
This is the most recent….

I even got this response from someone who might even have the ear of the Trump administration?
Who knows. Let’s hope.

One thought on “How to Turn a Nice, Jewish, Climate-Change-Denying Dentist Into An Active Fascist with Just a Few Emails (Part 3)

  1. What a pointless waste of time reading this leftist screed, written by an obvious AGW lemming shill. Tony Heller doesn’t “invent” the facts, he just reports them. That’s the great part about his blogs, he doesn’t claim to be a climate scientist, so he hasn’t staked a claim for which he has to fight assiduously to maintain his thesis just to save face, no matter how whacky it may be. He is just an intelligent, well-educated man of science who is able to study the available research, interpret the facts, the data and the fallacies, and seperate the “chicken salad from the chicken shit.”

    He does it very well, and that’s what you don’t like. Isn’t it the shits when the facts get in the way of your brain-dead theories?

    By the way, that shit-stained pair of tighty-whities you showed on the previous page was really classy. It was really big of you to sacrifice a pair of your own jockey shorts just to produce that image. Or is that just the way they normally look when you take them off?

    To call you a jerk or an asshole would be a pointless redundancy because you are obviously both. You are the personification of the quip: “when you run out of brains, start hurling names.”


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