Google Now Categorizes Steve Goddard’s Blog as “News”

Update #1, Sept. 11, 2015: It doesn’t appear as if Google is actually calling my blog “news.” What happened is I cherry picked some data about Arctic sea ice and it spread across the right-wing blogs like wild fire. Google merely flagged my article as “In the news” because it was getting talked about, which it is.

My name is Tony Heller (aka Steven Goddard). I’m a professional climate change denier and I use this blog to blow the whistle on myself.

Google is now classifying my blog posts as “news.” You can fool our robot overlords most of the time.

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David Appell Botches Story, Tries to Blame It on Tony Heller Exposed

This post is in response to David Appell’s post, “About TonyHellerExposed,” where he makes an unsuccessful attempt to out me. He also called me a liar. So let it be known he took this fight public first. Even world class climate change denier’s like me have a reputation to uphold.

So what’s got our good friend David all worked up? Well, basically he screwed up a story and instead of owning up to his mistake, he’s trying to pin it on me. Here are the boring details for the record.

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I Am Living Proof the Debate Over Climate Change in America Has Absolutely Nothing to Do With Science

My name is Tony Heller (aka Steven Goddard). I’m a professional climate denier. Here’s a screenshot of the first post on my website’s home page as it stands today:

Steven Goddard Confederate flag

You would think I’d be worried that displaying the Confederate flag would hurt my credibility in the debate over climate change. But you’d be wrong. Continue reading

Climate Denier Tony Heller (aka Steve Goddard) Having Public Meltdown Over Ferguson, MO Tragedy

I come unhinged over science, I come unhinged over politics, and now I’m demonstrating I also come unhinged over social issues of our day like the tragedy in Ferguson, MO. Take this disgustingly racist tweet, for example:

And then I recently asserted that someone who dared to politely challenge me on my opinion about Ferguson was a wife beater:

Frankly, I don’t have an explanation for my public meltdown. It may be because I’ve given up all hope of ever becoming a respected voice in the climate change debate. And perhaps my anger and pain at getting rejected is causing me to lash out. And maybe I’ve come to realization that the only people who will love and accept me now are those who are hate-filled, societal outcasts like me.

Please, won’t somebody send me some big oil paychecks to make things all better? I’m clearly losing my shit right now.

Heartland Institute Ices Tony Heller (aka Steven Goddard), Fails to Make Poster of Climate Denying Superstars

I'll admit, I'm feeling a little dissed.
I’ll admit, I’m feeling a little dissed.

UPDATE: Watch my climate denying rap video of my presentation at Heartland. Look out Jay Z, you got nuttin’ on me!

Looking for stocking stuffers for the kids this holiday season? Why not consider this fantastic Heartland Institute poster featuring 58 climate kooks that they can hang in their bedrooms?

Sadly, despite getting invited to Heartland Institute’s 9th International Conference on Climate Change this year, I didn’t make the cut and was left off the poster. But you can still watch watch my rambling and embarrassingly bad presentation here.

To be honest, I don’t blame the Heartland Institute if they don’t want to associate with me anymore. I recently wrote a letter to their executive board explaining that I was quite surprised that they had an unhinged kook like me at their last conference. I didn’t hear anything back, but maybe they got the message.

At any rate, I can always hope they’ll expand the list to 59 next year. I would love to be someone the kids could look up to as they lay awake in bed at night wondering about their future.

Is Anthony Watts Threatening to Expose Tony Heller, Exposed?

Anthony Watts, the Queen Hornet, deigns to speak to Tony Heller, Exposed.
Anthony Watts, the Queen Hornet, deigns to speak to Tony Heller, Exposed. You’ll want to read on.

When I started this blog last week to expose the true nature of Tony Heller (aka Steven Goddard), I never anticipated it would blow up so fast. Traffic to the site is off the charts (16 page views yesterday from the country of Estonia alone)! It’s not the first time I’ve badly misjudged. But now things look poised to downright skyrocket, thanks to my old good buddy, Anthony Watts, editor of his infamous climate denying blog, “Watts Up With That,” who has inserted himself into the effort to expose me, Tony Heller, Exposed. I’ll come back to this juicy bit later.

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Oh, the Sweet, Sweet Hypocrisy of Anthony Watts

UPDATE 10/03/14, 10:59 AM PDT: There’s an interesting new development to this story: Is Anthony Watts Threatening to Expose Tony Heller, Exposed?

I wrote anonymously for Anthony Watts for two years on his blog using the pen name, "Steven Goddard."
I wrote anonymously for Anthony Watts for two years on his blog using the pen name, “Steven Goddard.”
Anthony Watts, king purveyor of climate denier bullshit, has begun decrying the sociopathic nature of anonymous “trolls” in a new post on his “Watts Up With That?” blog.

Of course, Watts neglects to mention he harbored an anonymous climate troll like me as a “guest blogger” for two years under the pseudonym “Steven Goddard” before firing me from my volunteer position because I was a complete embarrassment to his reputation.

So I guess anonymity is OK when a guy is on your team? Is that it?

And by the way, the disclaimer at the top of my blog clearly states I am not a sociopath. And neither was Ben Franklin.