Judith Curry’s Text Messages Hacked, Deniergate Begins

Alleged Steyn/Curry texts screenshot.
Alleged Steyn/Curry texts screenshot.

Editor’s note: I don’t know if anyone saw this news story below about Judith Curry’s email getting hacked. Haven’t seen anyone talking about it so republishing here. Quite shocking.

CLIMATE NEWS TODAY, Washington, DC, Aug. 18 — An unknown hacker has released text messages from the iPhone of notable climatologist and climate action denier, Judith Curry. The texts appear to expose her ongoing love affair with conservative political pundit, Mark Steyn.

Judith Curry was a contributor to Steyn’s latest book, “Disgrace to the Profession,” which attacks the scientific integrity of famous climatologist, Michael Mann, and his “hockey stick” graph. Curry has a long history of attacking Mann since the early days of Climategate, the faux scandal that rocked the climate change debate five years ago. Although many independent investigations cleared Mann and his team of any wrongdoing and the science behind his work has been reproduced by other paleoclimatologists, that hasn’t deterred attacks from the self-proclaimed skeptics who insist global warming is a hoax, including Mark Steyn.

The texts also appear to show a professional alliance between Steyn and Curry mutually futhering each other’s professional careers. Neither Curry or Stein was available for comment.

Anthony Watts, operator of the blog “Watts Up With That,” told Climate News Today that “What they do on their own time is none of my business and it doesn’t undermine their great work in the least.” However, when Watts was asked about Curry’s text to Steyn about Watts’ bloggers “making the data do whatever you need it to,” Watts refused comment, saying only, “You liberal elites got nothing!”

The text messages obtained by Climate News Today appear below. More on this as it develops.

JC: Oh, Mark!

MS: Oh, Judy!

JC: Oh, Mark!!!!

MS: Oh, Judy! Judy, Judy Judy!!!!!!

JC: I just got done reading your book again for the third time.

MS: Yeah, do you really like it?

JC: It was almost as good as last night, baby.

MS: I’m so glad. I want to make you happy.

JC: Oh you do, Mark. You really do! It feels so wonderful to be on a team that doesn’t need any help “hiding the decline.”

MS: LOL! And thank you, Judy, that means so much to me, I can’t tell you.

JC: You’ve breathed new life into my flagging career. Just when I thought Climategate had run its course, you’ve resurrected it and given me newfound hope.

MS: I’m only glad to return the favor, Judy. The book is selling well, I’m sure in no small part to your contributions. You give it so much credibility.

JC: Thank you! We’re a really good, team, Mark.

MS: In more ways then one, honey buns. :)  Speaking of which, how is it going with the Carly Fiorina campaign? Did you reach out to them yet? Do you need any help with introductions? It would really be great to get you on board with them as their climate change advisor to their campaign. I think Carly has a great chance at winning a VP nomination.

JC: Not yet, but I will let you know if I think I need you.

MS: OK. You did a really great job ingratiating yourself with them on your blog post about her policy statement on climate change.

JC: Thanks, Mark, I greatly appreciate that.

MS: You know, if you play your cards right and all dominoes fall into place this election, I don’t think there’s anything stopping you from a co-chair spot on PCAST.

JC: That would be so wonderful. And what about you? Is there anything I can do for you? Do you need any more technical assistance?

MS: Yeah, I could definitely use some help. I’ve started work on Volume II about Mann. Not having ever attended college, I’m having a lot of trouble slogging through some statistical analysis that he used.

JC: Ugh! Math. Hate, hate, hate it! It’s so dreary. I’ll get you in touch with Tony Watts. I rely on him all the time. If he can’t help you, he’s got a crack team of bloggers who can make the data do whatever you need it to.

MS: That’d be great. Thank you! And once I get done with the book, I’ve got this great business opportunity that just landed in my lap that I’ll be working on. What would you think about your own skeptical science show on a new TV network venture I’m working on? You could be Mrs. Wizard. Except instead of demonstrating the basic laws of physics to kids, you could show them how to doubt them.

JC: Gasp! Really!!!??? Oh, Mark, I would be thrilled. Do tell me more.

MS: I thought you might like that. Oops, shit. Gotta run, my Twitter account is blowing up. Have to go plug the book. I’ll fill you in later.

JC: OK, my little poopy pants! I’ll be eagerly awaiting your return.

MS: Goodbye, my sweet JuJu!

4 thoughts on “Judith Curry’s Text Messages Hacked, Deniergate Begins

  1. I know nothing about either side, but I do know politics: whoever owns this site, you have to be on the wrong side. The people who are correct never have to be this stupid, insane, mean, and propagandistic. The side trying to shut down the other side (in *science*, no less) is almost always wrong. That’s odd too, because until I saw this site, I pretty much assumed anthropogenic warming was true.


  2. Maybe he just realized what dicks the supposedly “good” guys are. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. :)

    Enjoy the interglacial!


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