How to Turn a Nice, Jewish, Climate-Change-Denying Dentist Into An Active Fascist with Just a Few Emails (Part 2)

This post is the second in a series chronicling my engagement with a climate-change-denying, retired dentist who has mistaken me for Tony Heller, a climate denier, and how I am able to lead him down a path toward fascism using the twisted logic of climate change denial as my entry point. If you haven’t read Part I, please do.

So we last left off with our anti-hero, “Bill,” agreeing to fund my fictional scheme by the Trump administration to smear climate scientists. Early this morning, I exchanged more emails with Bill in which I entice him into writing a piece for Tony Heller’s blog (who he thinks he’s talking to). I suggested he should give his account from a Gore supporter in 2000 to where he is today, a willing participant in fascist activities. Bill also reveals how quickly his fascist tendencies are progressing.

Here is the first email I received from Bill (again, the emails have been redacted and lightly edited to hide the original author’s identity):

Joanne Nova recommends this blog and I think you’ll like it.
He writes for the Hearld Sun (Melbourne, Australia I think?) and writes often on the climate scam.
If you look at the right side bar you’ll see lots of his articles on climate.

I’m pretty sure he wrote one up on your visit with Malcom Roberts when you and Tim Ball were in Australia…..
More Mañana….

Andrew Bolt

For those unaware, Joanne Nova is a famous Australian climate denier who writes prolifically on the topic of climate change and has a large following. Like many climate deniers, including Tony Heller, she takes extreme right-wing positions as her reading recommendation to Bill demonstrates.

So taking an excellent suggestion from one of my blog readers yesterday, I asked Bill if he might be interested in writing about how he became radicalized:

Excellent piece. Thank you!

Hey, how would you like to write a piece yourself? I can put it on my blog or maybe even find a wider outlet for it. We need voices of real folks to help lead. I can help you ghost write it if you’d like. 

I’m thinking it would primarily be about documenting your evolution from a Gore supporter to someone who has come around to the idea that we are engaged in an ideological war and what it is going to take to win it. 
You are a successful man. And I think chronicling your story as a layperson would help our cause a great deal. People will identify with you much more than pointy heads like me.

Bill was ready and willing, writing simply:

I would definitely be interested in doing that piece.

I then noticed I made a small blunder when I wrote “Excellent piece!” without clicking on the link he provided which was actually a collection of news articles by the opinion writer he admired, Andrew Bolt. I quickly covered my tracks and used it as an opportunity to draw him closer to the idea that Islam and climate change are intricately linked and part of the same ideological war:

By the way, the piece I was referring to was this one:

Islam and climate change alarmism are different heads from the same monster. They stem from the same rotting corpse of an ideology. But you already get that. 
It was refreshing to see the attack on Islam put out there so boldly, a religion bent on wiping Jewish culture from the face of the globe. This is what we need. No more pussyfooting around. Change is definitely in the air. 
So please keep that in mind when you write. I’m very much looking forward to your first draft.

Bill replied with some words that let me know we were on the same page (at least in his mind):


I read them all!

He’s definitely on our side and is a fan of Malcolm Roberts as well.
The quote from the Quran  – “Islam is a religion of peace” is only a partial quote.
The next lines go on to say that (and I paraphrase), Islam is a religion of peace – to like minded Muslims.
i.e. Suuni to Suuni. It later states that “take neither Christian nor Jew for your friend”.
Bolt gets it.

Not long after after this exchange, Bill sent me a new email with a link to an article and a quite startling pull quote from it.

You will find the quote below embedded in the article.
It is just as relevant to climate as it is to fight against Islamic fundamentalists….
Much in the same light as Bolt stated in his article.

Please, try to understand us. Your liberal and democratic principles are worth nothing here. You must consider again our reality in the Middle East, because you are welcoming in your countries an ever growing number of Muslims. Also you are in danger. You must take strong and courageous decisions, even at the cost of contradicting your principles. You think all men are equal, but that is not true: Islam does not say that all men are equal. Your values are not their values. If you do not understand this soon enough, you will become the victims of the enemy you have welcomed in your home.

You will become victims of the enemy you have welcomed in your home.

Robert Spencer: This Christmas Is the Ghost of Christmases To Come

It was clear now that Bill was now becoming frighteningly radicalized and now I could posture with some insane positions. And so a couple of hours later, I responded with this:

GREAT piece and quote. The sooner we realize we are at war the better. We do have to put our principles on hold for a bit so they can survive. At this point, everything must be on the table.

As you say, we cannot afford to bring a knife to a gun fight. And if the enemy has a gun, which they do, we must be willing to find even stronger methods to ensure victory. It is tragic, but absolutely necessary, I’m afraid. And unfortunately, blood will need to be shed for all that is righteous. On this we can agree. In you, I feel I have a brother.
Now the task must be to recruit others and get them to see the urgency of our cause. It is a task I am dedicating my life to.

I have not yet heard back from Bill. We will see what tomorrow brings.

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3 thoughts on “How to Turn a Nice, Jewish, Climate-Change-Denying Dentist Into An Active Fascist with Just a Few Emails (Part 2)

  1. YOU SHOULD BRUSH UP ON WHAT CLIMATE IS: -”there is no such a thing as ‘’earth’s global climate’’ – there are many INDEPENDENT different MICRO CLIMATES 1] Alpine climate 2] Mediterranean climate, 3] sea- level climate 4] high altitude climate 5] temperate climates 6] subtropical climate, 7] tropical climate 8] desert climate 9] rainforest climates 10] wet climate 11] dry climate, as in desert AND THEY KEEP CHANGING; wet climate gets dry occasionally b] even rains in the desert sometimes and improves. In the tropics is wet and dry -/- in subtropics and temperate climates changes four time a year, WITH EVERY season= migratory birds can tell you that; because they know much more about climate than all the Warmist foot-solders and all climate skeptics combined – on the polar caps climates change twice a year. Leading Warmist know that is no ”global warming” so they encompassed ”climatic changes” to confuse and con the ignorant – so that when is some extreme weather for few days on some corner of the planet, to use it as proof of their phony global warming and ignore that the weather is good simultaneously on the other 97% of the planet, even though is same amount of co2.

    In other words, they used the trick as: -”if you want to sell that the sun is orbiting around the earth -> you encompass the moon – present proofs that the moon is orbiting around the earth and occasionally insert that: the sun and moon rise from same place and set to the west, proof that the ”sun is orbiting around the earth” AND the trick works, because the Flat-Earthers called ”climate skeptics” are fanatically supporting 90% of the Warmist lies. Bottom line: if somebody doesn’t believe that on the earth climate exist and constantly changes, but is no global warming -> ”climate skeptic” shouldn’t be allowed on the street, unless accompanied by an adult. b] many micro-climates and they keep changing, but no such a thing as ”global climate”


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