Climate Deniers Matter

Poe’s Law now in full effect.

The time has come, my fellow climate deniers, for us to take a stand. We, the dedicated dozens toiling day in and day out on Twitter and various free blogging services to save the world from the global warming alarmists, can no longer afford to stand by idly while we are ostracized by the scientific community. Yes, we must work hard to Make Science Great Again.

First, we need to tear down the walls and barriers denying us access to publication to scientific journals. Science should be open to anyone who is interested in participating, just like it was 400 years ago when anyone who could figure out how to grind glass could help further the triumph of Western Civilization over our dominion.

Next, we are going to drive out all the elitists at NASA and NOAA and any other organizations around the globe who have invaded and perverted science with concepts like “corrected data,” “peer review” and “models.” We will flush them out and restore a common sense, back-to-basics approach to science by implementing a “raw data only” policy.

Once that’s done, we will assemble a great team of the sharpest thinkers like Anthony Watts, Tim Ball and Marc Morano to help us figure out what that hell is going on with climate science today. And it’ll be a diverse group that embraces all points of view, including ones from very good looking girls like Joanne Nova and Judith Curry (eh, maybe not so much).*

Then we start winning. We are going to make science so great you aren’t going to be able to stand it. That will allow us to discover so many new ways to find so many new reserves oil will be flooding the streets and you’ll be choking on the natural gas fumes filling the air. Soon, you’ll be begging us to stop, “please, no more science!” But we are going to just keep drilling, folks.

So join me and let the world know now that #ClimateDeniersMatter. Together, we can Make Science Great Again.


* Anyone offended by this politically incorrect joke needs to lighten up and get a grasp on parody.

My Lunatic Ravings Now Infecting Australian Politician’s Brain

Screenshot 2016-08-17 12.46.37Anthony Watts can suck my dust. I’m worldwide now, baby. Armed only with a Twitter account, cheap website and a lunatic’s drive to prove the entire global scientific community wrong about climate change my fringe conspiracy theories are now infecting the minds of of high ranking Australian politicians like Malcolm Roberts.

Watch it here as Roberts cites me as a reference for his claim that NASA has fudged the temperature record:


Ted Cruz Trots Out My Bogus Chart at Senate Hearing

Never underestimate the power of a crackpot with a Twitter account and free blogging software. After over half a decade of obsessive compulsive nut jobbery, my efforts are paying off. I, Steve Goddard, am now influencing one of the most powerful institutions in the world, the US Senate. Last Tuesday, fellow sociopath and Senator, Ted Cruz, showcased a completely bogus chart I created to back up my claim that NOAA is engaged in a conspiracy to fudge data.
Senator Cruz’s prospects for becoming the Republican nominee are looking good right now. Today the Senate, tomorrow, who knows? I just might become a high-placed science advisor for the President of the USA on the matter of climate change!

Google Now Categorizes Steve Goddard’s Blog as “News”

Update #1, Sept. 11, 2015: It doesn’t appear as if Google is actually calling my blog “news.” What happened is I cherry picked some data about Arctic sea ice and it spread across the right-wing blogs like wild fire. Google merely flagged my article as “In the news” because it was getting talked about, which it is.

My name is Tony Heller (aka Steven Goddard). I’m a professional climate change denier and I use this blog to blow the whistle on myself.

Google is now classifying my blog posts as “news.” You can fool our robot overlords most of the time.

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View the Comments Judith Curry Didn’t Want You See on Her Blog

Climate Change News, Washington, DC — Our hard hitting reporters have uncovered a trove of deleted comments from Judith Curry’s recent blog post. The comments, from climate denier “Tony Heller Exposed,” shed light on Curry’s shocking hypocrisy. Apparently, the comments hit a nerve with the climatologist—who pretends to value open discussion from all sides of the climate debate—and were wiped from the public record.

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David Appell Botches Story, Tries to Blame It on Tony Heller Exposed

This post is in response to David Appell’s post, “About TonyHellerExposed,” where he makes an unsuccessful attempt to out me. He also called me a liar. So let it be known he took this fight public first. Even world class climate change denier’s like me have a reputation to uphold.

So what’s got our good friend David all worked up? Well, basically he screwed up a story and instead of owning up to his mistake, he’s trying to pin it on me. Here are the boring details for the record.

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Absolving Judith Curry from Her Political Sins

Danger! Head exploding hypocrisy ahead.
Danger! Head exploding hypocrisy ahead.

My name is Tony Heller (aka Steven Goddard). I’m a professional climate change denier and I use this blog to blow the whistle on myself and sometimes others, too.

If you get a moment, check out Judith Curry’s latest blog post, “Ins and Outs of the Ivory Tower.” In it, Curry relies on her same tired trick of copying and pasting large swathes of text from others and then “reflecting” on how she thinks said person’s thoughts might have important implications for the larger climate debate. It’s a cheap way for her to sound profound without actually needing to be profound. Continue reading