Tony Heller’s Guide for Convincing Yourself That Climate Change is Probably a Very Big Deal

My name is Tony Heller (aka Steven Goddard). I’m a professional climate change denier and I use this blog to blow the whistle on deniers like myself and others.

I run this blog as public service for those interested in the climate change debate. This particular blog post is for the average layperson who isn’t heavy into science but still thinks there’s a chance that man-made climate change might not be happening. As a reforming climate change denier, I want to help convince you that climate change is real and that it’s a very big deal.

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Judith Curry’s Text Messages Hacked, Deniergate Begins

Alleged Steyn/Curry texts screenshot.
Alleged Steyn/Curry texts screenshot.

Editor’s note: I don’t know if anyone saw this news story below about Judith Curry’s email getting hacked. Haven’t seen anyone talking about it so republishing here. Quite shocking.

CLIMATE NEWS TODAY, Washington, DC, Aug. 18 — An unknown hacker has released text messages from the iPhone of notable climatologist and climate action denier, Judith Curry. The texts appear to expose her ongoing love affair with conservative political pundit, Mark Steyn. Continue reading

My Unsolicited Advice to Mark Steyn for Raising Money for Michael Mann Defense Fund

Make Steyn & Associates: Capitalism with a Cause
Make Steyn & Associates: Capitalism with a Cause

Mark, you and I had a little go ‘round yesterday on Twitter over my blog post criticizing Judith Curry’s blog post promoting your book. You called me a “pansy” and then I lost my cool and called you “Mr. Poo Poo Pants.” Listen, I’m willing to apologize for my juvenile behavior.

And more than that, to help smooth things over between us, I’d like to offer you free advice that can earn you tens of millions of dollars, if not a lot more, depending on how well you execute. I know this sounds crazy, but please hear me out before clicking away. I assure you this will work.

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As the World Burns, Episode III: Judith Curry, Climategate Junkie

If you defy science, this can happen to you!
If you defy science, you could be next!

My name is Tony Heller (aka Steven Goddard). I’m a professional climate change denier and I use this blog to blow the whistle on myself and sometimes others, too.

A note from Tony: This is the fourth installment of our series on Judith Curry’s recent promotion of Mark Steyn’s book, “A Disgrace to the Profession.” For more background, please read the prologue, Episode I, and Episode II.

You never forget your first rush. It was November, 2009 and the exhilaration coursing through Judith Curry’s head surpassed anything she had ever experienced before. A hacker had just broken into a server at the Climatic Research Unit unleashing a trove of private emails from some of the world’s leading climatologists about their work on the famous hockey stick graph which proved that temperatures had risen sharply over the last 150 years. “Climategate” was born. Judith was infused with new creative energy and dove headlong into the public controversy. Reminiscing about that memorable weekend, Curry wrote:

Over the Thanksgiving holiday in 2009, in the midst of extensive email discussions with Andy Revkin and Joe Romm (!), I penned my essay An open letter to graduate students and young scientists in fields related to climate research. Which followed my essay (published at Climate Audit) On the credibility of climate research. In February 2010, I wrote an article Towards rebuilding trust. Continue reading

As the World Burns, Epidose II: Curry the Quote Miner

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to slime she goes!
Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to slime she goes!

UPDATE #1, 8/16, 6:58 PM: Mark Steyn tells me Judith Curry didn’t use the full Phil Jones quote from his book on her blog. See end of article for more info.

My name is Tony Heller (aka Steven Goddard). I’m a professional climate change denier and I use this blog to blow the whistle on myself and sometimes others, too.

This is the third blog post in my series covering Judith Curry’s promotion of the latest smear campaign against climatologist Michael Mann. If you are just tuning in to this ongoing drama, I invite you to binge read the prologue and episode 1 to get caught up.

In today’s episode, we continue following Curry into the seedy underbelly of the climate debate with a look at her deployment of quote mining techniques against Mann. For those unfamiliar, quote mining is the crack cocaine for deniers hoping to destroy the reputation of established climate scientists. Unlike putting your nose to the grindstone and writing a well-researched, peer-reviewed, science-based paper to prove adversaries wrong, quote mining supplies deniers like Curry with lots of fast, cheap and easy scores against opponents. Continue reading

Judith Curry: Dismissing our Points is “Quashing Debate. ” When We Dismiss, Disparage and Misrepresent Your Points, That’s Debate!

Another piece on Curry’s gross disservice to informed climate debate.

Climate Solutions and Analysis

(Updated and expanded, 7-26-15)
(Updated, 8-13-15)

SUNDAY (July 5) Georgia Tech School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Professors and repeat congressional climate “expert” Judith Curry published a piece on her highly influential climate skeptic blog, castigating the editor of Science for publishing an editorial on climate change calling for action. And ultimately, Curry used it to castigate Science, and scientists in general.


The first half of this piece covers the themes relevant to the strange fact that Congress favorite Curry harshly castigated the editor of a science journal -for writing an editorial she didn’t agree with – before going on to use effectively manipulative and inflammatory rhetoric and insinuation to impugn science journals, and almost all of science (except, naturally, climate change “skeptics”) for the piece, and even climate scientists for simply having a “scientific consensus” on climate change in the first place.

This consensus – man’s activity is relevantly impacting our long term…

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As the World Burns, Episode I: Judith Curry & Mark Steyn, Partners in Slime

Science just wouldn't be science without a lot of drama.
Who said science had to be drama free?

My name is Tony Heller (aka Steven Goddard). I’m a professional climate change denier and I use this blog to blow the whistle on myself and sometimes others, too.

In my blog post yesterday, I introduced a new character into the climate change debate soap opera, Judith Curry. As I mentioned in the post, Curry, on her blog, gave a glowing review of the latest round of swiftboating against climatologist Michael Mann, a book titled “A Disgrace to the Profession.” Today, we are going to begin our exploration into Curry’s review of this masterwork of non-scientific rubbish she insists on injecting into the climate debate in order to uncover just how desperate and petty Curry has become in her attempt to undermine the reputation of her self-appointed nemesis, Michael Mann. Continue reading

Judith Curry’s Latest Bat Droppings on Michael Mann

Judith drops all kind of crazy on Michael Mann
Judith drops all kinds of crazy on Michael Mann.

My name is Tony Heller (aka Steven Goddard). I’m a professional climate change denier and I use this blog to blow the whistle on myself and sometimes others, too.

As far as influencing in the scientific debate over global warming, climate crackpots like me are pretty harmless. Sure, we might garner some attention from third rate propaganda sites or even occasionally score bigger hits on mainstream media outlets with the rubbish we try to pass off as science. But in the scheme of things, we’re little more than gnats. Continue reading

Settled Science: Climate Change Bullying on the Rise

Leave us deniers alone!
Leave us deniers alone!

My name is Tony Heller (aka Steve Goddard). I’m a professional climate denier and I’m using this blog as an outlet to blow the whistle on myself.

In our debates over climate change, we can get very passionate. This is a good thing. However, sometimes we can get a little carried away and deniers like us often forget that the words we use can be hurtful to others. So I want to remind everyone to insult your alarmist opponents as much as possible. Not only is it fun—as conservative personality Mark Steyn and world-famous denier Anthony Watts demonstrate—but your audience will appreciate it. And be sure to check out my own insult work here.

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Fox News(!) on Coke, Climate and Fake Science

Hat tip to Climate Crock for calling attention to the fact that Obama now has established his mind control program on Fox News. That’s why 97% of deniers prefer The Blaze for their news.

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Fox Business report with Shep Smith starts out discussing revelations that a “scientific” front group funded by Coca Cola has found that – surprise! – sugar is just fine for you and if you want to lose weight you should get your lazy ass off the couch and exercise.

Smith and fellow commentator Kennedy then engaged in a conversation about the “Merchants of Doubt” strategy, which they called an “underground marketing campaign” – pioneered by the tobacco companies.  Smith comments, “This reminds me of what the tobacco companies did back in the day, and more recently what climate change deniers are doing as well…”

Jaw dropping beam of honesty from Fox land…


Reaction from FBN host Kennedy
Coca-Cola, the world’s largest producer of sugary beverages, is backing a new “science-based” solution to the obesity crisis: To maintain a healthy weight, get more exercise and worry less about cutting calories.

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